PEC Students ‘Fail’ Despite Passing PEC Examination

PEC Students ‘Fail’ Despite Passing PEC Examination

Government Central Model School, Lower Mall, has left without promotion to over 50 students to class 9 in spite of the students have passed class 8 Annual Examination 2018, conducted by the Punjab Examination Commission (PEC), it is learnt.

The school management has left without promotions to next class on the basis of result of its own internal assessment of the students transparently ignoring PEC exams held earlier in 2018.

The Punjab Examination Commission announced the results of Class-8 Annual Examination 2018 on March 31.

On the other hand, the school management has refused to accept the Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) results and started asking the parents to collect “School Leaving Certificate” and get admitted their children to some other school. The parents are being informed by the administration that the school’s Board of Governors has decided not to promote those students to Class-9th who failed or performed poorly in the school’s own internal evaluation. Amusingly, in some cases the students who got over 60 percent marks in Class-8th the Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) exams have been left without promotion to next class, exposing the kind of unashamed negative response of results prepared by the government’s own body, the Punjab Examination Commission (PEC).

The most recent move has not just greatly annoyed the students but their parents as well who are in a state of shock surprised as to why the school is not considering and accepting results of the Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) established by the Punjab government itself.

Similarly, there are reports that many private schools have also been denying promotions to students to next classes on the basis of the Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) results.

A hard done by father told The News that his son secured over 60 percent marks in Class-8 exams conducted by the Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) but he had been asked to bring together the school leaving certificate by the administration of Government Central Model School. “We have been told to find a new school for our son,” he said, adding “This is pure injustice.”

He demanded the Punjab chief minister look into the matter and provide justice to all such students.

The News could not reach Government Central Model School’s Acting Principal Mian Abdul Haq in spite of repeated attempts on his cell phone.

Schools Secretary Muhammad Aslam Kamboh was also not available for comments.

Lahore executive department officer (EDO) (Education) Muhammad Pervaiz Akhtar who is also a member of the Government Central Model School’s Board of Governors (BoG) refused to comment, saying it was an self-governing school and all decisions were taken by the School’s Board of Governors (BoG). “The government cannot get in the way in affairs of the school”, he added. To a question, however, he said no such decision was taken by the BoG under which the students who failed in internal exam but passed the Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) exam would be deprived of promotion to the next classes.


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