Pakistan’s UN representatives told the economic and social council, our steps to promote females empowerment by increasing their representation in the national and provincial assemblies and making suitable legal framework are producing solid results.

He was making a speech in general debate, where Govt. representatives took the progress made this far on the anti-poverty Millennium Development Goals,   while looking for critical lessons learned to take forward as they made a follow on, post-2015 progress agenda.

The Pakistani ambassador mentioned a huge success had been stopped by security concerns; the war against terrorism and natural disasters, but his country was firmed to take on such challenges. The PM Nawaz Sharif focus on economic growth and development is very critical and forceful.

Masood khan also told to the world delegations about different steps taken by the PM for the prosperity of Pakistan; spending on education and health was being doubled of GDP and also providing credit line to young entrepreneurs, life skills, vocational training and quality education. All these new opportunities are proving milestones in country’s progress.

He also mentioned that energy, infrastructure and communications projects would give the much needed power for economic growth. These steps will be foundations for equal development. First of all, UN secretary Ban Ki-Moon opened the MDG report 2014, explaining it as “ the most to date global scorecard”.

Masood khan sated that secretary General’s report showed that the glass was more than half full and that some of the results towards achieving the MDGs were splendid. However, he explained that development  is not even.


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