Exciting Education

Exciting Education

Population of the world is near to reached around Nine Billion in upcoming year from seven Billion, this growth of population is creating problem in school and Universities admissions.

As we know that limited seats are available in universities and most of student are irritated because of this limitation. The student which was passed out from high school they only have a chance to get admission in those limited seats universities. Education is not a first priority in Pakistan. This pressure is growing, in result, future will be very harmful.

To shaping the quality of university is very necessary including PhD level faculty. University of Cambridge is the top university in the world has provided over 70 Nobel Prize to the winners. At least for 20 students, one PhD level faculty should be present. Most of universities in Pakistan ratio are 1:80, and most of them are really in bad situation.

Distant learning was another new opportunity for student and in Pakistan IT department got great improvement in 2001 -2001 and in 2000 – 2002 usage of internet was rapidly increased from 29 cities to thousand of cities villages and town, from dozens of cities to thousand cites town fiber was also spend. In space, satellite was placed. When Virtual University introduced in Lahore it is providing very high quality education to 150000 students in Pakistan.

Due to enormous positive response from IT development, our different sectors like banking, commerce and education got great improvement. Call prices was decreased when used of mobile telephone was increased and charges from incoming call ended and at the result of this number of mobile phone user increased on Pakistan from 0.3 million in 2001 and now 130 million Because of this the chance of employment was increased for plumber, electrician  and also trained people for home services.

Theses advancement provided benefit to the higher education. After this, we found different ways to enhance educational quality in 2004.

Video conferencing facility was introduced and that is outstanding creation for all public and Private Sector University, even lectures being delivered and student asked question in live interactive session.

With the contribution of HEC 3,000 lectures have been delivered for providing great quality of education. The central point of this program is latif Ebrahim jamal science information centre which is present in University of Karachi.

Different online courses internationally have introduced by Pakistan for school, college and universities level student. MIT was first course that established around the world.

Free of cost courses were providing through which they attached a lot of people and from 215 countries 20 million website annually visit. After that Massive open online course (MOOC) course presented by different institutes.

UDACITY that was great initiative, it contains great material and a lot of student registered for classes. Stanford also introduced two more courses, one of them is
COURSERA, this was highest initiative and it enrolled million of students.

After theses quick initiative Harvard University has been introduced online learning programmed with the name of edX after this million of student from worldwide got registered for this online opportunity.

Khan Academy offer different online learning courses that in Arabic, Urdu, and French Dubbing.

This is a great chance to gain different learning experience and with this Massive Open Online Course we have learned and introduced different versions. Before month ago, President of Pakistan suggested about courses and making Pakistan a world leader. These courses will be available free of cost and no charges apply on this. School, colleges and universities student from all around the world can have all these courses free of cost, according to the courses level.

Now, we have all international courses. It is depends on schools, colleges and universities to mix with in teaching programmes to arranges test on basis of courses. This will improve the quality of education in Pakistan.


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