Administration re-investigates charge of leaking exam paper against teachers

Administration re-investigates charge of leaking exam paper against teachers

Importunate protests by the teachers of government schools in the city have forced the local administration to re consider the charge of leaking the English language exam paper of primary class against their seven contemporaries.

District Coordination Officer (DCO) Rawalpindi Sajjad Zafar Dal constituted a three-member committee for the purpose after hundreds of teachers came out on the roads on Monday and blocked the busy Kutcheri Chowk for about an hour to demand the withdrawal of the criminal charge, which they claimed was invented.

Chaudhry Sagheer Alam, Chairman Teachers Alliance, announced the re investigation after holding talks with the District Coordination Officer (DCO) Rawalpindi Sajjad Zafar Dal at the invitation of the final.

Chaudhry Sagheer Alam, Chairman Teachers Alliance  said that “We demanded instantaneous extraction of the false FIRs registered against the teachers and dismantling of the Punjab Examination Commission  (PEC) for issuing counterfeit results of the primary and middle school examinations.”

Later senior administrator officer Aqeel Ahmed Khan, who was appointed chairman of the committee, said that “Our committee has been tasked to re explore the matter and submit a report in two week.”

Senior administrator officer Aqeel Ahmed Khan said that “I and the assistant commissioners of the City and the Saddar, the two members of the committee, will check whether allegations mentioned in the FIRs are true or false. In case, we find the teachers above suspicion then definitely we will suggest the quashment of the FIRs.”

at the start, the eight teachers were booked on the accuse but afterward the accuse against one of them was dropped.

More than 400 teachers had assembled at the Islamia Government School on Murree Road after boycotting their classes. They were assembled just o show their anger against the FIR’s.
They then marched towards Kutcheri Chowk of the Rawalpindi ditrict where district courts and administration offices are located.

Some of them parted on the way but the remaining numbers were enough to put up a noisy protest at the Chowk. Their protest disrupted traffic and created pandemonium at the point where five busy roads converge.

After about an hour, representatives of the protest were invited by the District Coordination Officer (DCO) Rawalpindi to talk over the matter.

They supposed that the chain of command of the Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) fictional the accuse of leaking the English paper against the teachers to cover up the ‘faulty’ results of primary and middle examinations that it had announced.

While hundreds of brilliant students failed the exams, dozens who did not even appear in the examinations were declared successful, so-called the teachers.

“When the teachers community objected to the faulty results, the PEC high-ups concerned seven senior teachers in false and pretend cases to save their skin,” said Imtiaz Abbasi, General Secretary Punjab Teacher Union, asking “how senior teachers could leak a primary class paper?”

The teachers’ representatives said they also complained to the District Coordination Officer (DCO) Rawalpindi that retired army men serving in the District Monitoring Office misbehave with female teachers on their inspection tours of the schools.


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