Women Digital League to work in Pakistan with Facebook

Women Digital League to work in Pakistan with Facebook

For the training purposes of Ladies in Pakistan, Facebook, the biggest social media site has agreed to collaborate with Women’s Digital League WDL to work in Pakistan which will be advocating and having programs for ladies. The vision of the said collaboration is to empower the women who are locally establishing the business in the nation for women and empowering more than 50 percent population of the nation in some way.

For all those who are not aware of what Women Digital League is, let us tell you briefly about it. It is a social endeavor which is being managed by the Pakistani ladies and the firm is looking forward to make changes in the field of work and education for Pakistani ladies. The said purpose will be achieved through a number of training which will be conducted by the league.

There is also one thing to be considered that this is not the first time the tech giant has worked in Pakistan for any social enterprise. Punjab Information Technology Board is also in such an agreement with Facebook. The board has collaborated with the Facebook back in October 2016 on the project named “She Means Business” and the module encouraged the women to work away from the home and web based work opportunities were created. The program was a big hit and had developed more than 50000 ladies in one year to be able to work from home and have their own web based working system which will help them earning some handsome amount for them which normally is not possible for them as they are not allowed to work outside in corporate sector due to certain reasons.

Same is what WDL is aiming and they are looking forward to create more than ever opportunities for women in Pakistan. The world is running online and all the sale purchase is being carried out online which gives an opportunity to sale their items to a large number of market. One can ship anything from any part of the world to the other part of the world in certain amount of time which makes the whole world your market.

Same is what WDL is expecting to achieve through this program in which women will be trained to increase their presence online and how they can grab the customer online on different social media website like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. Through trainings, women will be given tutorials how they can present their items in a better way which will bring the customer to them. They will be able to advertise their items in the major cities like Lahore and Karachi and then will be able to take their market to the smaller regions of the countries.

Maria Umer, who’s is the founder of WDL said that the firm is working to enabling the digital presence and livelihood for women in Pakistan for nine years now and now Facebook has partnered with us which is geared towards the women empowerment and building them to run a business in effective ways. This surely is a great opportunity for the ladies to grab.