PhDs protest against HEC for having no job opportunities

PhDs protest against HEC for having no job opportunities

Doctorate is said to be the highest ranked degree anyone can achieve and an academic PhD is the most reputed education one can have but in the education system of countries like Pakistan, even the doctorate holders are suffering to have better job opportunities. To highlight the sufferings PhD holders have to face after degree in Pakistan which are due to the policies of Higher Education Commission, young doctors of academia held a protest against HEC In the higher commission today at Islamabad.

PDA is the PhD doctors association of Pakistan and the protest was launched by the organization for the employment of young PhD degree holders. They are looking forward to have a permanent position in the academic institutes. Earlier the deadline was given out by the PDA organization that their demands should be met by July 20, 2017 and if not met then there will be peaceful protest against the HEC policies in front of Parliament house Islamabad for the government to take notice about the most educated elite of the nation.

In the protest, there were representatives from Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academics Staff Association and civil society who think that young doctors are right in their protest and that their demands must be met because it takes lot of effort to earn a doctorate degree. The representative of PDA in the protest said that there are more than 400 young PhD holders which are struggling hard to find a suitable placement in the Pakistani Universities however they have spent a lot of time and effort in achieving the doctorate degree.

They mentioned that as per policy of the higher education commission, the students who has carried out the degree of PhD on the scholarship awarded by HEC must have to work in Pakistan for 5 years after completion of the degree and the students are willing to work in the country but there is not certain job placement. HEC has to place the doctors in the universities where they can spend their 5 years which was the original bondage but what really happening is that the degree holders are placed interim in the filed for one year by HEC and then the candidates have to find work on their own which is causing a difficulty in the job placement.
They also mentioned that the issue is under notice of the higher management of the commission but despite various demands and notices, no concrete step has been taken by the officials and also no chance is being seen of them taking some solid step in this regard. They mentioned that the commission is spending billions of rupees in awarding the scholarship which is right but some amount must also be spent in the area where there should be placement centers and the candidates get placed properly in suitable and field related job.

Candidates are wanting to have a policy where HEC must advise the universities to hire the PhD students on vacant posts and have a proper placement center should be developed.