Lack of education facilities in Chitral

Lack of education facilities in Chitral

In our country, many such areas have been reported, where the school buildings have never seen by the local inhabitants. South Punjab, rural Baluchistan and Sindh top the list for such lack of education facilties. The areas, where schools have been made, still did not get the attention for the officials and they are being run without the proper teachers and facilities. Ghost schools and teachers have gained billion of rupees and this issue of on-paper facilities could not get solved yet.

Chitral is in one of those districts, where the education goals have not been achieved. Local customs and village mindset are two of many reasons but government needs to understand the condition of schools before blaming the locals for their ideological thinking for illiteracy.

From Chitral, it is specially reported in media that limited education facilities and co education are the main barriers to achieve the goals of female education in the remote district. Many girls due to this problem have to work in daily house work of managing livestock and they cannot go to schools. The most affected areas are Yarkhun Lasht, Broghal and Lutoyar.

The local girls said that they are facing a lot of trouble in getting education and in area there are no schools for them specifically. They girls added that most of the schools are for boys and they could not go there for education due to the religious and cultural issues.

A students of the 9th class said that in the boys’ schools where they have to study, there are no separate washrooms for the girls. The girls demanded for the authorities to build the school in their areas as to fulfill the promise of basic education. They girls want the institutes just for girls so they the issue of cultural barrier could be solved.

A female student, who was enrolled in boys schools said that she has to travel two hours on foot daily to reach the school and she feels extremely uncomfortable during the co classes, therefore she appealed that government should make separate colleges and school for girls of the area.

The government’s full focus is on the privatization of schools and schools of the remote area have been made just for the name. In the school of urban area, the facilities are missing; the remote area situation can be imagined. There is a thing to worry - the school is such areas for girls are necessary and you can’t run the situation “as it is” because families rules did not allow the girls even to go outside, how can they go to co education facilities?