Habib university students in Stanford summer program

Habib University students in Stanford summer program

The Habib University of Karachi had signed a memorandum of understanding with prestigious Stanford University of America for the summer international honors program. The aim of the agreement was to provide world class opportunities to the students of Habib University with the access to the summer programs experience at Stanford University.

Now! Under the programs, eight students of Habib University have been left for U.S. to participate in the program, some days back.
The summer program will host students from all regions of the world and gave them the opportunity to engage with global scholars and intellectuals. The span of the program is 8 weeks and students would be given the choice to select courses from a list of 250 courses of humanities, science, and engineering and from the area of earth sciences.

Under the programs, the selected students will engage in a dialogue for the promotion of science and social collaborations. The aim of this exercise is to enhance diversity. This year, SSIHP is hosting 100 students from 20 universities of 14 different countries.

This is the first time when students from Pakistan have given the opportunity to participate in the program. The selected eight from Habib University have been picked up after rigorous selection process, not only to represent the university but also to act as the cultural ambassador of Pakistan. All the selectees are form the class of 2018 and are form different areas of study. The students from Habib University belong to computer science, electrical engineering and from social development and policy.

The Habib University wants it students to learn from the Stanford experience and from the entrepreneurial culture of Silicon Valley. These kinds of programs need to be implemented in all universities of Pakistan and with different countries agreement can be signed for exchange of students. Our universities also have to invite famous academician from all fields in summer classes to start the dialogue among students and thinkers.

On thin thing, where our students are behind is the critical thinking and this can be induced in the minds though the discussions and question making process. HEC has to play the role here and should bind all the universities either from public sector or from private, to start summer classes where no study would take place, only discussion, presentations and interactive session will happen. We have to change the dynamics of our education system according to the global needs. In industry and real world, universities graduates are required with the quality of problem solving not just with theoretical knowledge. We have to understand this fact and implement paradigm shift in national educational policy making.