British Pakistani – Nadia Bukhari’s Achievement

British Pakistani – Nadia Bukhari’s Achievement

A British Pakistani has become the youngest Asian women ever to be given the fellow status of Royal Pharmaceutical Society for her work in the profession of pharmacy. 38 years old, Nadia Bukhari is the youngest member of the society and also the youngest Asian to be given the awarded fellowship of Royal society.

Nadia has family roots in Lahore and Karachi and is fluent in Urdu. In an interview with a media channel, she said that it is an honor and privilege to be the fellow of royal society in such age but it shows that if you work, one day you’ll be recognized. She added that you have to be passionate about your work otherwise you don’t have the enough drive. Nadia also visits Pakistan periodically.

Nadia wised that she want to give back to her homeland Pakistan and wants to raise the standards of pharmacy and medication. After the completion of her PhD, she wants to make a steering committee to unearth the challenges in pharmacy profession and it education particularly in Pakistan and Middle East. She said that pharmacy is an essential part of health care system and with such initiative; we would have a more streamlined approach for the healthcare in Pakistan health system.

She said that Pakistan is one of the countries where the drug abuse issue is very common and this is not the case with western countries, they are very sensitive about this. She added that it is alarming to know that customers in Pakistan can get any medicine from the medical shop if they pay. She stressed on the need to increase awareness and education in country about the pharmacy practices.

Nadia graduated as a pharmacist from the Pharmacy School of London University in 1990 and started her career as community pharmacist. Later, she moved to London teaching hospital and now working in academia. Nadia is a senior teaching fellow at Pharmacy school of university college London and currently in the 3rd year of her PhD. She is researching in pharmacy leadership.

There is need to use such talented Pakistan origin persons for the betterment in our health care system. Our health care system is weakest in the world and as pointed out by Nadia Bukhari, here drug abuse is alarming as you can buy the medicine without the prescription.

Government of Pakistan should make a council comprising of such leading health care system affiliated Pakistanis all over the world and use their expertise to shape the health policies in Pakistan. If we can’t use them in our system at least we can take advice from them. We have to act immediately on the issue of drug abuse.