Pakistan Morocco education collaboration

Pakistan and morocco have agreed to enhance the education collaboration and in the first step one rector/ VC from both sides will visit the universities of each country to get the idea about higher education of other’s country.

This idea came up in a meeting of minister of state for federal education, Engr. M. Baligh ur Rehman and minister for higher education, morocco Dr. Lahcen Daudi. Minister of state for federal education welcomed Dr. Lahcen and his delegation and said that we want to strengthen our bond with our Moroccan brothers more than the existing one. In the meeting, it is decided that to activate the 10 scholarship program form Morocco again as it was suspended for quite some time.

They also talked about the possibility of teachers and students’ exchange. Dr. Lahcen briefed the minister that medium of instruction in most of the institutes of Morocco is Arabic and French but realizing the importance of English in modern age, the Moroccan government has aspired to active the English medium in universities now.

He also said that in the American schools in country, medium is English. He added that science was the heritage of Muslims and it is going to be our future.

He further said that for betterment of education sector, we should work as ummah. The possibility of sports collaboration was also discussed as the sport education trend is very less in our country and morocco is on the countries, where sport activities are much developed. Pakistan high commissioner to Maldives on the occasion, asked the minister to send Pakistani teachers to Maldives as they are facing the need of teachers on immediate basis.

The ambassador briefed the minister that there are 2000 highly paid teachers of India in Maldives and there should be teachers from our country as well. The minister at the end thanked the delegation to come to Pakistan & he also presented the token of appreciation to Dr. Lahcen and his delegation.

Minister of state for health, Saira afzal tarar, federal education secretary, Humayon khan, addition secretary, Dr. ALLAH Baksh Malik also participated in the meeting. Pakistan is facing one of the worst crises of employment. With these kinds of collaborations with different countries, we can compensate a large portion of educated youth. As morocco will change its medium to English, they will need thousands of new recruits for project and Pakistan must be one step ahead to take advantage of this opportunity.

For sports education, morocco must be engaged and they can provide training to our physical trainers. Sports tour of university and colleges’ team could be planned so that students get the international exposure.