Sardar Bahadur Khan University Convocation

The literacy rate of Baluchistan is far below the requirement, in the four provinces, Baluchistan is the least developed and least educated. The largest province, in terms of land but least in the priority lists, this province is now under critical spectrum of militancy. That’s why the chances of any special package for development are very rare.

Education is one of the primary reasons for the destabilized situation of the province. Never, in the history, education was priority and the local government also hesitated to promote the importance of education in far flung areas.

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The students that are low in number now prefer to migrate towards other provinces for the education needs and the numbers of admissions in the provincial universities are below the average.

The girls from the remote areas are much away from the concept of school education and the biggest challenge of the education in the province is bringing the girls to schools and colleges.

Recently, the Governor of Baluchistan attended the convocation of Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University as chief guest. In his speech, he emphasized on the role of women education in the society and why a society can’t be developed without educating its girls.

He said that Baluchistan government can only achieve the education goals by the promotion of education among women.
He congratulated and encouraged the parents, who are sending their daughters to University. He called the increase in girl’s enrollment as a silent revolution.

He praised the university and said that this university has produced well educated and modern women.  The governor, after the speech, distributed the medal to the toppers and certificates’ to other students.

In the ceremony, the speaker of the Baluchistan Assembly Raheela Durrani, Vice chancellor of SBKWU, VC of Baluchistan University, Dr. Javed Iqbal and large number of participants including teachers, students and government officials took part.

After the address of governor, the VC Rukhsana Jabeen told the participants about the achievements of the university and the future projects on which the university is working.

Two points of the governor’s speech were important: one, his view that government can’t achieve education goals with the girl’s education and second when he quoted the word of modern women during the praise of university.

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The acceptance of these realities by such figure of Baluchistan government is encouraging; the need is to practically taking the steps for the girl’s education. The government should use the graduates’ of this university to convince the parents and door to door campaign would be very beneficial.  For the areas under the critical influence of feudal lords, the government role is crucial and local government official must play their role here.


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