FATA Education Campaign

Under the constitution of Pakistan, education is the basic right of every child from age 5 to 16. The government is responsible for providing quality education with as near as possible. However, like other laws, the compulsory education requirement has never been given the required attention and the development is just restricted to road, bridges and dams. The situation is remote areas can jolt you where the school buildings are just the storage houses and children wander here and there and feudal lords have the complete occupations of their property and lives.

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The situation in FATA is just same as other least developed areas and with the ongoing fight against terror, the education sector is also one the victim of time. The families had to flown to other areas after the war and it is third year to their migration. The families have to leave home and with many Childs now it is extremely difficult for them to live at some other place in such financial constraints.

The schools enrollment ration was earlier an issue and the local community was reluctant to send especially girls to schools. Now the infrastructure has been destroyed completely. The government in the centre has launched a nationwide campaign to enroll the out of school to schools and the provincial governments have been taken into the line of action. On the same effort, the newly appointed governor of KPK, Zafar Iqbal Jhagra launched the school enrollment campaign in FATA to ensure the 100 % attendance in schools. The analysts are of the view, that in case, his efforts ensure the enrollment of 100 %, many issues would automatically be resolved. They also say that this enrollment will not help to enlighten the tribal people with the light of education but it’s a golden opportunity to bring them into national mainstream.

The terrorism and extremism is the main problems of the FATA and can be solved with only development and education. The speed at which the people would be brought to national sphere, similarly at such speech the terrorism would be decreased.
The governor’s initiative is welcoming but we have to see that to what’s extent the launch is carried out practically. In many areas, the army is still finding out hideouts of terrorists and the schools infrastructure has been vanished.

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The entire stakeholder community must be taken into confidence to solve this issue. It can’t be done, just with the inauguration of launching ceremony. The networks of road, the rebuilding of schools, the hiring and training of teachers and peace and stability are the need to the hour, to stop the areas for being the victim of radicalization again.


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