Women day and status of women education

8th March is a day celebrated all over the world as “women’s day”. All over the world, media pays special coverage to events organized for women empowerment. Like all other countries, Pakistan also celebrated women’s day on 8th march and seminars and festivals are conducted to pay homage to all women of Pakistan especially those are working remarkably in various fields.

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The women education is the backbone of women empowerment and without it every effort will be like firing aimlessly in the air. The literacy rate is Pakistan is already very low as compared to other underdeveloped nations of the region. The ratio of female child attendance in primary school is almost half as compared to male counterpart. In rural areas the average is much lower and those who are illiterate can be count on fingers.

Regional customs, traditional male mindset and wrong interpretation of religious teaching play part in this deteriorated condition of women education. Government has never played decisive role in increasing the education status of women in Pakistan.

This year on 8th March many events was organized by government departments and private organizations. One of them was in Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University Peshawar. Many stalls were set by students, presenting their own made handicrafts and items. Pashtun culture along with music, food and cloths was presented through stalls. The chairman of ruling party of KPK, Imran Khan, himself went there to give courage to female students. He visited all the stalls and inquired about different exhibited items. In his address, he said that provisional govt. would take all the possible measure to promote the female education in KPK. He also added that without the women education, no nation could progress in modern world and in Pakistan female literacy rate is much lower than male literacy.

He announced that provisional govt. is working on new education policy which will focus specially on women. He said that with new policy out of 100 new schools 70 would be build for girls. Two colleges would be open in every district one for girls and one for boys.

Vice chancellor Dr. Razi sultana said that such policy would be very beneficial in case of implementation; she also demanded that more steps are needed to empower women.

Political parties have strong roots in culture and masses throughout rural areas, they can use their representatives there to pursue people for sending their female children to schools. The local representatives are influential in areas and people will definitely listen to their demand of full enrollment.

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In case of 70 % female schools, female teacher’s recruitment would increase which will help in women empowerment. But the policy of two colleges in each district did seem possible at least in coming two three years because of under pressure budget from security issues. Instead of preferring colleges, the KPK govt. should build the schools that were destroyed by terrorist some years ago in South Waziristan agency. Thousands of children are out of school there and waiting for rebuilding of schools.


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