Recovery Demand of Christian Girl Student

The chairman of Punjab minority’s teacher association has demanded the recovery of a Christian girl, who was abducted some months ago and was converted to Islam. She married forcefully in Sialkot. In a letter to chief minister, Prof. Anjum James Paul demanded on the behalf of minorities’ teacher authority.

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The 13 year old girl was on her way to school in Mianapura (west Sialkot) when Waheed Akhter, a resident of area abducted him, forcefully converted her to Islam and married her.

The family is constantly worried and in deep trouble after the incident and father is demanding action on the abduction. Till now, the girl has not been recovered and at last the teachers union of minority has come forward for the support.
In the letter, the chairman of association also turned the attention of chief minister towards the false birth certificate of girl that was presented in court during marriage. Sana Shahid is not 18 years old as by her parent’s statement and her original birth certificate. No action, till has been take on the account of false statement in the court.

The association’s chairman called the constitution clauses that are related to Sana’s case. The clauses are; 1- Article 20 which says that every citizen shall have the right to practice and propagate his religion. 2- Article 25 A which ensures the provision of education to all citizen of age 5 to 16. 3- Article 36 of constitution (which is highly related to the case) according to which the state shall safeguard the right and interests of minorities. 4- Child marriage restraint act 1929. 5- National action plan’s clause of religious cases prosecution.

In the letter, the other sibling’s condition is also highlighted as Sara’s sister Hina has also left the school due to the fear of any harassment by anyone. Her sister feels that she will be abducted in the same way.

The association demanded action against such culprits who hinders the way of minorities to get education and students has to left study, especially girls. The act of forcefully converting to Islam and then marrying the girls is also against the spirit of Islam and of constitution’s safeguards.

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PTMA in the letter demanded arrest of main culprit whose name and details are given with letter, they want a strict police action against the abduction of girl.

The chief minister action is much needed here as the founder of Pakistan had himself guaranteed the interests of minorities and Islam has also been used here for personal gains.


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