Private Schools reopened after protest

Some days before, the a private school association had closed the private schools in Punjab province as a protest against government’s recently amended bill about private institutions. The bill gives the authority to govt. to impose fine on private schools in case of irregularities that has been completely described in the bill. The schools have to gain permission in case of annual fee rise which cannot be more than 5 % of fee. The govt. can also fine schools up to 40, 00,000 in case failing to register with education department.

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The bill has been passed and school association is protesting on the note that they have not been taken into confidence about the bill. They cleared that the perception is given that we are protesting for the permission of fee hike but it’s not the reality, we are against the other restrictions of the bills.

The private school association has been split into two fractions and recent protest has been done by newly made association comprises of many elite schools. The papers are canceled in private schools and complete shutdown has been seen in past two days.

The education minister through media invited the association for the talks. The govt. has agreed to take them into confidence and offers have also come to amend the bill. However, the education minister has made it clear only amendment will be done if thought necessary- completely bill will not be taken back. The schools have opened on Thursday but the association president cleared that if talks remain unsuccessful, the protest would be called again after week. They warned that they will shut down the schools completely if demands would not accept.

The talks will begin now and both parties will not definitely delineate from their stance. As if government’s decides to make some amendments, it would be in the ratio of fines that are suggested. There should no comprise on the clause of permission for the fee hike annually. The schools that are leading the protests are mostly those who are working in the form of chains and monthly million of rupees they are earning as profit. The main reason for their protest even though they will not accept that is fee hike. They want to get the authority to raise the fee whenever and whatever they want. Last year, their injustice in fee hike was so torturing for parents that they had to come to streets. Now, the govt. at last has done some in favor of general public, they should back them.

The schools fee are already in thousand and if the facilities schools give them are counted per students , nearly 60 % of the fee purely goes into school’s income as profit. Their greed is not decreasing because they have seen that public schools standard is far below and public on any circumstances has to send their children to private school.

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The government’s recent bill is completely comprehensive and much needed. Parents should back the government on this issue, if they want to save their money. At last, govt. is favoring them, so let’s give them the true mandate.


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