Politician Stormed the Islamia University

Many times, we have seen the rogue elements in education institutes, threatening the education process. Karachi University and University of the Punjab both have faced hardliners with unusual ways of protests. Different student’s organizations with the strong backing of political parties have caused panic in universities including beating the teachers, locking them into their rooms and harassing students for combine study with fellow female students.  Even in Lahore and other main stream cities, these element don’t feel it hard to execute their thinking and agenda, the situation outside provisional capitals can be understood.

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Our social structure itself never gives teachers the respect which the developed countries give. Even they have to depend on corrupt bureaucracy for the administrative affairs.
Recently, again an incident has proved that universities are not safe from the people who don’t have respect for education institutes. In Islamia University Bahawalpur, provisional Minister of Cooperatives Malik Iqbal Channar stormed the office of Vice Chancellor without any appointment and he came with large pool of his supporters who disturbed the peaceful environment of the university. They want issue to be solved according to their demand.
Vice chancellors of many universities of Punjab have stood in the favor of Prof Qasir Mushtaq and wave of statements of all leading universities has highlighted in the media. They have demanded the action against the culprits who have sabotaged the prestige of historical education institute and disrespectfully treat the vice chancellor. In a joint statement, the vice chancellors of Punjab university, University of Education, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Government College University Lahore, GCU Faisalabad, Bahauddin Zikria university Multan, University of Agriculture and Dera Ghazi Khan university asked the chief minister Shahbaz Sharif and Governor Rafique Rajwana (who is also the chancellor of all public universities) to take a firm action against this shameful incident. They also demanded a fair inquiry into the matter for the unveiling of true facts.
The faculty members of Islamia University of Bahawalpur also staged protest at Baghdadul jaded campus in favor of their vice chancellor. However, the incident happened at Abbasia campus. The protesting faculty members said that these kinds of elements are not acceptable to them who vandalized property and harassed its employees.
Unfortunately, this is not the first time that this kind of incident happens. Some years ago, a politicized student group in Punjab University had beaten a professor and also threatened the vice chancellor. In Karachi University same political students group has been found using illegal weapon on university premises.

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Although Pakistan had banned these students organization in 70’s when they had become armed group and were killing opponents on the university campuses. Even with ban, many students groups are working in education institutes. The govt. has never taken the necessary measures due to political pressure. The universities are not for politics and students unions with hard line elements using armed approach is not tolerable at any cost. Universities are built to give the nation bright minds that change their future not the hooligans.


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