Pakistan’s Representation in NELTA (Nepal Conference)

Pakistani students and academia represent Pakistan at international conferences usually; from law to engineering or food technology to flower exhibition, Pakistanis have turned no stone unturned to raise their flag at outer stage. U.S. embassy has always encouraged talented Pakistani to show their talent with financial help of U.S. state Department fund. The embassies all over the work for the learning of English language and projects are completed in universities and schools to train teacher with effective communication skills and Standard English language courses. Recently, Nepal organized NELTA (Nepal English language Teachers association) - 21st annual education Conference in which English language speakers were invited from all over the world.

Five Pakistani participants attended the conference on the sponsorship of US embassy. These 5 were selected from a targeted group of 15 English language teachers. The 15 other participants were selected from India. All these English language teachers were selected on the base of full semester course e-course, which they had completed on the subject of critical thinking. This U.S. state department’s sponsored course is helping teachers throughout world to increase their professional competence and in Pakistan, till now, 150 teachers have been given opportunity to enroll in course.

The participants shared their experience of teaching and critical learning course with other participants of the educational course. These 5 were selected under careful observation to make a representation of university and secondary school teachers. The participants shared their presentation on critical thinking with other participants and answered their questions.

They were invited, after their arrival back to country by U.S embassy’s regional English language officer, Jen MacArthur to share their knowledge of conference and they participants also advised respected officer to start workshop on critical thinking and English in different provinces of Punjab. This initiative of the U.S. to help the course completers to participate at abroad conferences will not only boost their momentum to work for language but also they will come to know various opportunities and new techniques that are using in language.

During the meeting, one of the participants, Saima Abidi shared her experience and said that this e-course empowered me through critical thinking, it did not only help me to redesign my teaching abilities but also the way, I use for teaching. She added that through this I can be an ambassador of change.

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It is obvious that English language has become a common language to share your experience and to express yourself at any stage outside your country. The issue in Pakistan is, teachers especially in public schools don’t know the correct use of language and even the teachers of English language can’t pronounce the language with perfect command. The course and medium has been termed English but there is nothing like English medium apart from book language. The government should make it necessary to include the English language course in the basic teachers training and in case a teacher strives an extra mile with additional course, he or she would be awarded with special award or departmental privileges.


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