National Student Federation Protest against Sociology Book Content

Protests are very necessary in healthy societies – they are not only the exhibition of public sentiment but also the pillar of good governance if arranged on constructive issues. Education is no doubt necessary or we have to say essential in democracy. The government of a nation state tries to implement a sense of identity through curriculum in schools. Public schools curriculum usually publishes by provisional text boards and is prepared within the sphere of ideology of a country. In Pakistan, each province is responsible for the curriculum. But unfortunately in Pakistan many education systems have been induced in society that has divided the society into “A level or matric/F.Sc” fractions. Madarassa education is far away from national course with modern needs.

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Syllabus in Pakistan has been criticized many times because of its in comprehensiveness, mistakes and lack of modern up gradation. Severe blunder in history books are no more taboo in Pakistan.
Now, the protest that has been staged is regarding the sociology book that is being taught at college level. National Students federation arranged the protest against the hate material in book. The hate material is about Baluchistan and their people. The demonstrators argued that book shows colonial representation of Baloch people as uncivilized people. The held the banner with protesting slogans written on it. The demonstrators put all the efforts to aware the media with the discrimination that the book has done with baloch community. They said book is not a course but a source of hatred against baloch people. They condemned the usage of language in book.
Addressing to them protesters, the president of national student federation Bevarg Baloch highly criticized the content of book; even he criticized the government and said that this book was justifying the action of government towards them.
He also added that it was one of the reason that why many governments have failed to understand grievances of baloch people. He also complained about the discrimination with baloch community in every field of life.
The government should look up into the matter immediately and if the raised content and hatred is there than should be removed. The persons who have done this must be questioned and punished for spreading hatred among people of an important community and unit of Pakistan.
The problem here is many curriculums are running at the same time and government has no control over other curriculums of private sector that are being taught at elite schools. Some religious groups in the past had raised the voices against the course of some books used in A level curriculum.
The proper way is a “Central Book Commission”- to look after the matters of new curriculum and also the timely up gradation of books. Even if any school wants to teach Cambridge or oxford Syllabus – it has to get clearance certificate by showing books to the central commission.

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It is sensitive matter and concerns of baloch community are completely justified if they are being victimized in book. They are our part and must be satisfied.


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