Canadian - Pakistani Award Winning Author in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the nation has become so addicted to some professions or elaborately we have to say that everyone want their child to become engineer or doctor. The merits are increasing and parents are pressurizing their children without the know how of their mind abilities to gain maximum marks in examination and in entry test so that they could proudly say that their children has secured admission in respective engineering or medical college. Many voices have been raised to break the taboo that only these two professions are money makers and all others are belonged to less intelligent children.

Art education has been discouraged throughout times by pronouncing it unproductive and not respected as wealthy profession - that’s why, we see only selected art activities and institutions in our cities. Although some little awareness comes but still now the road to an era of state of the art- art education is so far.

Recently, Dawood Public School in Karachi organized its 4th children’s literature festival, in which many sessions were held and renowned personalities shared their views. The star attraction of the festival was seen on second way, in which especially Canadian –Pakistani award winning children’s author, Rukhsana Khan participated and shared her views in the session of author’s showcase.

During talk, she said that art education is weak here and people want to rely on usual academic education which she thinks is not true practice. In her idea, the academic education ruins writing abilities. She herself left college even the course was not completed because she was of the view that this academic routine is a hurdle in her writing career.

She introduced her five books in the festival including The Roses in My Carpets, Silly Chicken, King for a Day, Ruler of the Courtyard and Big Red Lollipop. Children in the festival enjoyed her talk and in her talk she also said that storytelling is also an art like writing.

So far, she has been authored 13 children books and several awards are in her account. A member of writers Union of Canada and storytelling network also. On YouTube, she has her own channel. She dedicated her success to the stories, she read in early age and on her faith as a Muslim. According to her, writing developed hers skills and helped to solve issues in life.

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Her famous book, Big Red Lollipop has been included in category of 100 best children books in 100 years and same book is listed in the New York Times top ten picture books. Her own favorite books are lord of the rings and Daughter of the Nile.

On the question of Pakistani writers, she answered that she did not follow Urdu work but she liked Mohsin Hamid’s novel reluctant fundamentalist. She returned to visit Pakistan after 24 years and she felt that pollution has been increased but still country looks charming.

This was the first time that Pakistani writer of such fame and caliber came to public view and knowledge which shows that how much talent we have, which is wasting is entry tests and for just paper degrees.


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