Punjab Examination Commission’s new Papers Schedule

The Punjab examination commission is not ready for the papers of 5th & 8th and as expected the papers are cancelled and as by statement, the papers will now start in the last week of February.

The commission did not provide the papers to all centres in time and due to the fear of paper leaking, the papers have been cancelled.

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The commission argued that due to the increased winter holidays, they have to face difficulties with the schools in remote areas and other cities that caused the failure to deliver of papers.

This kind of attitude is not new, as last year, hundreds of complains were lodged against the commission for irregularities in papers and re checking was also demanded. The commission took a clever note and passed the entire participant pool. The school authorities were ordered to promote all the students to upper class.

The question to be asked is how some days increase in winter holiday hinders the process of PEC. They (PEC) were not on holidays, the offices and staff was there. The deliverance of the papers, what they are saying is not understandable as these days, to send papers to any areas is not a big deal and many days were not enough after the holidays.

Punjab examination commission is a specialist government body to conduct exams if they don’t know how to ensure safety of papers and to avoid any leak then what the credibility of examination body is. In case, they now deliver, papers can now even leak as the resources and schools are same. Many times, the reports came on media when the school staff did its best to help the candidates in cheating cases. What about that?

The commission only wants to hide its incapability and try to cover itself in the name of papers security and winter holidays.

The government needs to ask from commission; their only duty is only to send papers and after checking publishes result? What about the exam day proper setup, the cheating cases and leaking of paper before the exam.

The teachers fear that in case of failure of students, they have to face the punishment, from the education department, so they save themselves by promotion of cheating culture. The commission knows this but the situation is going on - the establishment of commission now loses its objective as cheating abolishment and proper management is not ensured and seen yet.

We need to invest in education and assess the situation timely. The evils that have been stuck to education department, till not removed, any betterment is a nightmare.


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