TEENAGER Student killed his fellow girl and committed suicide

Recently news, on all sections of media shattered the general public and in every sect of society and intellectuals this news is in circles about the teenage suicide.

A boy in a private school of Karachi killed a girl by firing a shot from gun after which he also committed suicide from same gun, in the morning time when the remaining students were busy in assembly prayers. The news attracted attention of electronic media greatly, the school came into spot light, a note also found near the dead body of killed girls, which helped to resolve the case. The pair actually had in love with each other, when this news came to their parent’s attention, they got angry and forbade them to stop any kind of relation of any kind but both decided to resist in way which they showed in their school, the girl brought licensed pistol of her father and gave it to boy to kill her first, after the scene, policed reached. The primary investigation completed and after post mortem, the police handed over the bodies to their parents.

The most hilarious part of the matter is that the boy posted a status of his suicide on face book, one day before suicide but no one gave attention to it and took it as a fun. After the news, there has been a debate started all over especially on social media on the point that who is responsible for these teenagers death?

Is social media? Bollywood? Co Education? Parent’s attitude? Who is actually behind this alarming act?

Yesterday a friend of mine in a friend’s gathering was arguing with me that this is because of Bollywood films which show intense romantic stuff but the counter logic by some was that in India where with full passion teenagers see movies in cinemas and music – dance is their cultures, there such accidents are very rare on teenage level.

Secondly some sectors are constantly blaming co education for this accident but for that the counter argument is, in rural areas of Pakistan, every month we heard that pair stoned or killed for marrying without parents consent actually they did love marriage but is there any co education in village, spare co education, there is even no education culture in many remote areas, why these things are happening there?

Now, parents attitude is questioned that they have hostile attitude towards some aspects of their child’s teenage life: this thing carries logic, because parents have to realize, the world has changed now, the children are more socially active, they are maturing early because of adult content and when they get matured, then romantic films can affect their mind more easily, and they dare for such action. The note that has been found near girl’s dead body also contained such words like “papa! Mja pta ha ap meri shadi kahen aur kar dain ga ! par ma us sa bohat pyar krti hun” 

The parents also have to realize that it is not 60’s era- now maturing and socializing is common in teenage, Also society has to realize its duty to rethink and realizing the cause behind graveness of such action.


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