Education Matters under one Ministry: Islamabad’s case

The Private Schools Network (PSN) on Monday 7th September, 2016 demanded the assigning of all matters on local education sector to one ministry for better management. The officials of PNS held a press conference in National Press Club, Islamabad.

Private Schools Networks is an association of Private schools of Pakistan to solve the problems related private schools or any other issue from a common plate forum to mitigate the difficulties faced by private schools throughout Pakistan.

PSN Central President Dr. Afzal Babur emphasized on the point that Islamabad’s educational system was in danger of collapse due to the overlapping of responsibilities of the relevant ministries.

The representatives of PNS demanded the government to entrust all matters on the capital city’s education both in the public and private sectors to one ministry to end the overlapping of responsibilities and confusion, to no avail. The current is very bad because of this administrative flaw and there is a lot of confusion for various affairs regarding to education.

Currently, the educational affairs are under the Capital Administration and Development Division, the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, and the Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination. Which is rare and definitely their demand has weight because capital development authority is no doubt from many years working for the betterment of Islamabad city but education is properly a education matters which should be under the education officials, who could understand the nature of the issue. The involvement of two ministries, Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training and the Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination’s involvement are also questioning? Ministry of Federal Education’s authority also doubts, after 18th amendment education is provincial’s issue and provinces are responsible for education and Inter Provincial co ordination Ministry should only confine their effort regarding national harmony and presenting incentives for nation unity. However Islamabad did not fall to any province so the matters related to school education would only be under the Federal Ministry of Education with complete authority for smooth running of matters.

Education is no doubt already in tough phase because of poor literacy rate, lack of funding for various school expenditures, lack of basic facilities, Millions of children are out of school due to poverty and people who are living under poverty line reluctant to send their children to school instead they want them to go to some workshop or any factory for the money so that they can meet their both ends.

Many areas of Pakistan where there is no infrastructure primary and secondary schools, especially in far away areas and villages, the private schools are the only source so Government should make the official processes for various administrative matters easy to encourage them not such confusion to make hurdles for their business. In many schools of rural areas where the public schools in urban areas are facing the problem for admitting more students because of sitting


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