A Walk for Literate Pakistan

On Sunday, Rotary Club Literacy Mission organized a walk with the name “w
alk for a cause” on sea view, Karachi. The aim of the walk was to promote literacy in the country. The walk was attended by former Rotarians, Academicians and children of many schools. The participants emphasized on the importance of literacy, the literacy condition in the country and the need to promote it. The participant also carried with them flags, banners to make the walk more effective and chanted slogans for Pakistan.

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The Rotarian members also argued that although its 6th of September (the Defense day) but Literacy is as important as Defense for the country. The walk and theme was the unique one because the culture of such walks and voice for literacy is very rare in our country.

Pakistan is currently performing behind form neighboring countries in Literacy. Pakistan’s current literacy rate is 72 %, which is ten points behind the India whose literacy rate is nearly 82 % and China’s literacy rate is 98%, Sri Lanka which was once the most effected country with terrorism and even at present far behind to Pakistan in terms of economy and infrastructure, the literacy rate is 88 % there. The world is changing very rapidly each day, new invention drastically changing life standards, the developed countries had achieved literacy rates many years ago, that’s why now they are law abiding and educated nations working for the more better.

Without 100 % literacy the dream to shape the society on the pillars of law and justice is useless. Through the light of education people realize the importance of law, their basic rights, the importance of modern education and how to progress in the modern world. In developed countries the rate of rural areas is high even as compared to urban areas of under developing countries. The government in developed countries usually includes additional subsides in the rural schools to urge the public to send the children to schools but in our country million of children of school age are wandering in the streets which eventually become the victim of child labor or harmful activities. 60 % of our population based on youth which can become a huge asset and main force for taking country to new horizons, the need is only to invest in them, they just need proper education.

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Second thing which is needed to be mentioned is the quality of education, in Literacy Rate we even count that person who can write his name but only that is not necessary. We have to shape our syllabus, aware the general public about its vital position in country’s economic race especially to the people of rural areas of Pakistan, where the literacy rate is lowest.

Our region is changing rapidly, new energy corridors, economic growth, indeed the 21st century is of Asia. How we can we sustain with such literacy rate, such education standards, such attitude towards education and such blind eye on this issue in the economic race?


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