Women and education in Pakistan

Pakistani women are one of the most talented women in the world and you can find them in almost every sector of the economy. Women are parliamentarians, doctors, engineers, managers, fisherwoman, teachers, mentors, craftsperson and what not. But those who are these are very few and majority is still facing problems to get into the mainstream of education. The right of superior life like other men is one of the biggest struggles a common Pakistani woman is facing.

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We as a nation celebrate the women day and arrange a lot of seminars to talk about the women empowerment and who they are important for the economy of the nation which is on the way of downhill from a long time. We also talk about the reforms which are needed to be taken in the society at government level. It assures that it will guard them from moral insecurity, underage marriages, rapes and honor killings but the practice in real grounds is still to be done.

All a feminist can ask for at this time of history of the nation is to get all the girls in the school. Is it too much to ask? I think not because education is the answer to whatever question we have faced related to the women and their problems. It is said that educating a man leaves you with an educated man but educating a woman leaves you with an educated society.

There are a lot of countries who have managed to show the rest of the world that their success is hidden in the education of the women. We always talk about China, the only neighbor we have friendly relations with. Women are playing the same role in the making of a superpower as the men are. Their hard work has shown the world that a country which is 2 years younger than Pakistan is now the biggest economical super power of the world. This is what a nation can achieve by empowering and educating their women.

Let’s talk stats, the nation we are proud of has the third highest number of out of school female students in the whole wide world. 55 percent of the total school going aged kids which are not in schools are girls. We certainly have economical issues and gaps which are making it more difficult to get all the girls into the schools at once but one can manage to start the process.

Another alarming fact states that only 47 percent of the total females in the nation have seen a class room and 64 percent of the women in rural areas are never been to any school their entire life. The case is different with the boys though. You simply cannot expect a person who has never been to school to have some literacy. There is a huge gap of thinking than those who study and than those who are never been to school and with the passage of time; it becomes even more difficult to eradicate that.

The stats are predicting that this is the time to change the whole picture and if we didn’t do it now, we probably will suffer more than we already are.


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