To congratulating Malala for award AHRS feels an Honor

To congratulating Malala for award AHRS feels an Honor

Asian human rights commission feels an honor to congratulating Malala for her Nobel Peace Award and female education, Malala openly resisted the Taliban extremism in Pakistan and she continued to fight against Taliban for the education of the women in Pakistan, due to this demand she was shot in head by gunmen on the way from school to home in 2012.

 Luckily she did not die from this attack and get recover  soon she did not lose hope and again continued her efforts to demand the education rights of women in Pakistan and now in all around the global.

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So now she is not alone in her this struggle to fight for the women education in Pakistan, the whole world stands with her now to win this war against those people who are against the girls education in Pakistan and also all around the globe, Asian Human Rights Commission also congratulating her on her success, having a faith that she will become more strengthen towards the struggle for rights and education in Pakistan and in whole world.

In Pakistan it is very rare that any on stands alone for the rights of others and especially for girls, and Malala is one of those who do this. But Malala’s bravery and determination inspired many of them, she had a passion to do something for her country and she do.

In 2007 when Taliban took the hold of Swat valley, which is the one of the most ancient and beautiful place for the tourism in Pakistan and they banned the girls education there, so many schools were destroyed Malala in the age of 10 was writing for the girls rights and her dairy was published by BBC urdu service.

The right of education in Pakistan is very important right in Pakistan, Malala spoke against the oppression and the cruel rule of Taliban, Refusing to obey them and risked her life for the women education, she was shot in head by gunmen on way to home from school and because she was the only girls without veil in van. A socity in which women suffers but bear every thing without complaining, a society in which the birth of girls is not think as good thing and no one celebrate this happiness. They grow up on the mercy of the men of their home which are like the ‘demi God of their fate’.

Luckily Malala’s father was not one of these fathers think like this, he encouraged his daughter to break free. In his speech he said that “why my daughter is so strong? Because I didn’t clip her wings.”

Malala has won 16 major international awards till now for the human rights and women education before wining Nobel Peace Prize this year. Before this different  people won this prize.

1st Nobel was won by the Dr. Abdulslam for Pakistan and Malala is 2nd who grants this honor to their homeland, Dr. Salam was never got any honor from Pakistan because his only crime was that h was and Ahmedi. In spite of these many research center related to physics is named after his name in world but a single street is not belonged to his name in Pakistan. He is a nameless hero in the pages of history of  Pakistan.

About Malala different people have different views some of them thinks that she is good but some are also do not think good about her work But keeping all these things in view this is an honor for Pakistan and also Asia to win a Nobel Peace Prize.


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