Celebration of Nobel Prize

Celebration of Nobel Prize

Hundreds of people gathered in Islamabad near National press Club, this was not a simple protest participant were also holding the placards and shouting slogans,

“over the last 20 months ,Pakistani women have brought home an Oscar, an Emmy, Gold medals and now Nobel Prize,” written  on one of the placard at that event,

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Civilians got together to show gratitude to Malala a schoolgirl of only 17 years old from one of the most beautiful valley of Pakistan Swat, who become a proud of her country by winning the Nobel Prize and become the youngest person of the world who got any Nobel Prize in history.

A poet and writer said that “women, young and old ,continue to outshine the men of Pakistan in every field, showing their resolve to progress and better themselves”

The celebration event was organized under the Aurat foundation, they also cut a cake to the name of Malala’s Nobel Prize, the people present also set free some white birds which shows the symbol of peace.

Many people paid tribute to the Malala like the poet and activist  Kishwar Naheed, Tahira Abdullah, Naeem Mirza, Alia Mirza, Irfan Mufti and others.

All the participant were agreed with the view that “Malala had cleared the mind of the world that Pakistani are the thirsty of education” by speaking against the Taliban.

Kishwar Naheed titled her as the “Pride of Nation” she is the youngest person of the world  who got the Nobel Prize, this is a great achievement for us

Mr. Khalique and Ms. Naheed  also spoke some good words in the honor of Malala and Mr. Kalique also sang a few verses of his poetry written by him in October 2012 on shooting Malala ,

“Malala, there is already little light; let not the flame of life go out.

The words you have written in blood; Let them not be erased”

Social activist Mufti Irfan said that by her struggle to the education Malala has shown that “there is no place of Taliban in Pakistan” he also said that “she was the committed girl , who spoke against the armed Taliban”
Tahira Abdullah told that she had called to the Malala’s family and they thanked to all the Pakistanis for all this love and such an honor to Malala and her family, she also thanked to all of participant on the behalf of Malala and her family

Talking with the news  reporter of Dawn news an English news paper Naeem Mirza said that “current century was an age of women’s empowerment”.

This shows that in the time of modern age women are doing more efficient work as compare to the men, these are not any shameful words for men but these are the words for to pay tribute to the women of the modern age, who is not only  a women who only works on home and do nothing out there but these are the women who works on home and also out of home much efficient.

The chains of slavery have been no longer now, women were playing their important role, in all departments like politics, police, education, media, and almost all fields.


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