10 disturbing facts about Pakistani Youngsters

10 disturbing facts about Pakistani Youngsters Away from School

Pakistan’s law stated that every children has the right to free and compulsory education, even though millions of children are not getting their right in Pakistan, a news report by Alif Ailaan

The report of Alif Ailaan titled “25 Million Broken Promises”, this report tells that about 25.02 million children of Pakistan in the age of 5 to 16 years are not going to schools.

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"What's more awful, the extent of out-of-school youngsters (OOSC) increments as the level of instruction climbs so that by the higher-auxiliary level very nearly 85% are not in school," the report uncovers.

There is 10 bad counts about the education crises in Pakistan which are mentioned in report

  1. Maximum children away from school are in Baluchista. Baluchistan has the 66% children, who are not going to school, this is the biggest amount of children away from school in any province of Pakistan. And after Baluchistan is Fata which has the range about 62% then Sindh is 51%, Gilgat Baltistan is 48%, Punjab is 47%, Azad Jammu Kashmir is 43% and K-P is 34% and the least amount is only 16%
  2. More than 50% of Pakistan youngsters away from school are from Punjab. The youngsters who are out of school are more than 50% from Punjab and the remaining  are from other regions like it is only0.2% in Islamabad, 1% form Gilgat, 2% from AJK, 3% in Fata, 7% Baluchistan, 10% in K-P and then 25% in the Sindh, this is the %age of the out of school youngsters are division wise
  3. It is difficult to girls to go to school. In Pakistan it is very difficult thing for the girls to go to school and we look towards the graph of the comparison of the out of school gender and region wise
  4. It gives us information that, there is maximum out of school girls are from the Fata which are 78% and boys are 47%, second position goes to Baluchistan which is on 72% girls and 61% boys, Punjab has 50% girls and 44% boys, minimum number of girls away from school is in the Islamabad and it is only 12% and boys 19%. Elder youngsters are more away from school. In Pakistan as the age increases the number of youngsters away from school increases with age. As we look towards graph between age and out of school girls (OOSC), this is looks like this the maximum number of youngsters away from school are at the age of 16 which is about 55% and then 51% of 15 years age than decreases as we come towards the less age and at the 7 to 5 it increases again and it reaches up to 31%
  5. Most of the parents did not allow the girls to go to school and boys are not willing to go. In Pakistan if we look for the girls the most of the parents did not allowed to girls to go to school and if they are willing about the boys, unfortunately they are so good they do not want to go to school about the girls it is about that 34% parents did not allowed her and in case of boys 38% are not willing to go
  6.  Most of the girls are not going to school because they are doing help of their parents in their work
  7. 70% of that children never went to school from the students away from school
  8. Most of youngsters related from poor families
  9. The education system is not able to keep the youngsters who are in school
  10. Young ladies make up more than 50% of full scale out of-school kids


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