Revised Education Policy is Need of the Hour

Revised Education Policy is Need of the Hour

Education has always been a mandatory requirement for the success of any society. And it is one of those things which need to be updated on and off. Depending upon the innovation and modern technologies all the experts, educationists and research specialist suggested having an updated educational system which should be refined more and more not only in Sindh but in all the provinces of Pakistan.

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“Reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC) for the evaluation of anti-inflammatory drugs,” organized by Dow University of Health Sciences on Thursday.  Hands on training was carried on there where emphasis was give on the fact that one should focus on the students attributes and aptitude during their starter time. Speakers strongly pointed out that the policies and regulatory enforcement must also pay heed on the competency level of students.

Ignoring the religious views or thoughts of the masses about the modern education, the speakers asserted that techniques and modern educational reforms must be added into the education teaching and training tact as it is need of the hour to stay updated about what’s new in the world of inventions. Prof M Umar Farooq, Vice Chancellor, DUHS quoted, ‘Any society’s development and progress can only be achieved via education. The socio-economic challenges can never be accomplished until or unless one is not provided with the advanced techs of education.’

Dr Iqbal Muhammad Chaudhry, Director HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry, University of Karachi shared his views about the educational requirements of the students in terms of research and technology must be fulfilled right from the beginning level of the students. He also said that ‘Staying in touch and experienced with the modern sci-techs is a promising way of success and growth ahead. Social weakness of illiteracy and poverty could only be wiped out with the help of education. He affirmed that Science and related modernized knowledge techniques can only prove as a shield to stand against the malfunctioning of human and social disorders.’

During the discussion forum of sciences and techniques the well known scientists and researchers shared their ideas where Prof Umer Farooq said that, ‘’ All the possible future threats to human kind can be reduced with the help of science against eco-pollutants.’ Pointing out the beneficiary factors of the workshop and hands on training session he said, ‘It will surely enhance the skills of the participants in terms of therapeutics and biological researches.’

Every child and youth deserves the right of getting higher quality education for the betterment of the state and society quoted by the Vice Chancellor of DUHS. To add on the testing levels and techniques availability Dr Shaheen Sharafat, Director of DDRL, said ‘Dow Diagnostic and Research Laboratory has been formulated which will provide the latest, authentic and more efficient results and analysis for normal and special cases ensuring the level of accuracy which can be compared with the international standards. These tests will be conducted by a competent experienced team which will also be supervises by senior pathologists’.  Dr Saeed Khan, Head of Molecular Pathology Department, DUHS also shared his participation on this forum.


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