Structural Educational System in Pakistan

Let’s bring a structural educational system in Pakistan

Being a part of developing or third world countries Pakistan has been destined sadly to face certain challenges since its inception. These challenges and problems are most probably related with the increasing deficiency in literacy rate and poor educational infrastructure. Deprived of standard educational reforms and high level of illiteracy has created havoc in the state.

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Many educational concords have been performed by the government authorities resulting in free primary and secondary education and ensuring better education system but still no tangible results have been witnessed yet. Consequently, inadequate facilities of basic requirement of education have raised the fanatic beliefs among the young minds which have provided a sound base to the youth to engage in extremist activities or religious riots.

Number of organizations and agencies are there to report about such nervy situations and ‘Education Reform in Pakistan’ is one of them which present the dark side of failures in bringing up the educational reforms. This report states that irrespective of the mandated or steps taken the educational shortfall and gender disproportions along with urban and rural differences are still there. Ending in a sad fact that 9 million Pakistani children are deprived from educational faculties. In comparison to Asian educational thrift , Pakistan is stuck at 2 GDP i.e. at the lowest rank depicting a serious picture of not being able to fulfill the Millennium Development goals (MDGs)  of rendering primary education to everyone by 2015. Now this is a sheer state of not being able to provide even primary education in other words the children are deprived from the basic requirement of schooling.

The citizens Foundation (TCF) is another organization which has stepped in to play it’s role in dealing with this situation. To ensure the provision of primary education in every place of Pakistan irrespective of being rural or urban it has opened 1000 schools which are designed to provide quality education to 145000 children mostly belonging to low income inhabitants. With this a saga of poor mindset has also been brought into limelight that may be they do not want to educate their children or they are reluctant to send their girls to be educated or learned. To deal with it the structure formed never got discriminating among the genders. Infact the teachers who are teaching in our centers and schools all well qualified with high potential  teaching capabilities and all are women which assures a remarkable enrollment and acts as a back-up to the parents so that they will bring their girls forward for education.

Irrespective of all the efforts being done to magnify the educational reforms still numbers of issues are needed to be addressed first for instance competent management with discipline and putting a check and balance on the rate of absenteeism in the government educational organizations along with giving a serious full stop to the corrupt attributes and last but not the least change in the course of study. Hence the list of such problem never ends which results in very low profitable picture.  So, in order to achieve better and serve better private and public partnerships and coordination will enhance the productivity level among the mass. When new innovations, new techno ideas and training courses will  become the part of educational reform only then one can expect a massive commendable result with both hands shaking together.

With all these inside story efforts some supportive gestures are required to be shown from our peers of developed world. It’s not about asking for aid or help or donations but it’s about the genuine contribution to get rid of the nuisance of illiteracy and poverty stricken situations which will surely then result in the upbringing of genuine human beings free from all discrimination , all racism and hostility. Only then we would be able to give   the world well competent and potential personals.

TCF hard work is now going to be well paid when thousandth branch of school was opened. With collaboration of Woodrow Wilson Centre, Washington DC  on Oct 8, conference is going to be held speaking about Pakistan’s fragile Education System taking on board the optimum minds to ensure the relativity of optimum results. Another success factor will be the second conference to be organized in February 2015 with the coordination of University of California being Berkeley’s Pakistan Initiative. Uptil now these were the vital educational reforms by us and we are eager to know how you can support us.


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