Media Should Pay Attention to Education

Reporting is one of the most responsible duties as a profession and the media plays a very vital role in shaping the overall scenario of any nation. Pakistan today needs more coverage on the education sector than any other but unfortunately, this is the most neglected areas when it comes to the reporting.

The reason behind this is not that media does not want it to be covered but the lesser interest of the Stakeholders in the sector which keeps the media reporters to have follow up on the news and policies.

Mian Imran Masoor who is the Ex minister of the Education Punjab said this while he was talking to a journalism workshop at Ilm o Agahi. The one day workshop was conducted by the Mishal Pakistan in the collaboration with the ILM Ideas which is funded program from UK. Thirty reporters and journalists from all over the media including print, television, radio and others were selected for the workshop.

Mubashir zaidi who is the senior journalist said that Pakistan Media must play the proper role for the promotion of the education they can play a vital role for eliminating the depression from the society.

They must portray that hope should never die and the education sector is not as bad as an ordinary person thinks of. Media must show the ongoing projects and the development that has been made by the government in the education sector.

Asif Farooqi who is the program manager of ilm o Agahi said that the initiative of this workshop was taken to provide the journalists a platform so that they can have discussions on education and how they can promote it in their respective fields. The objective was the creation of the new narratives by these journalists who are dealing with the education related issues.


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