Education is the Key to Success

Education is the Key to Success

Well the common perception about the Muslims and Christians in Pakistan is that they have been fighting and much has been written on the subject but the fact is that they have been living together for ages and there are many peaceful interactions between the two groups as well.

Veeda Javed who is the Executive director of Presbyterian Education Board in Pakistan has said that you can see so much negativity about Pakistan in America but the Muslims are joining hands in the struggle and are very helpful.

She was in the Tyler school last week to raise the funds and the awareness about the schools in Pakistan that she is serving in. There is a Christian church that is serving in Pakistan and the schools have 60 percent Muslim students whereas the general population of the Pakistan is 97 percent muslins. She added that Pakistan is a country where education is not taken for granted. 

She said that there is a concept in Pakistan that the student loves to go to school. The passing ratio of the school she has been managing is 96 percent and that tells that the students love to go to the school and value the opportunity of education they have been granted with.

The Presbyterian Church in the United States sent the missionaries before 1988 to start schools in Pakistan but the government took over during the years of 1972 to 1988 and that has caused the real damage to the schools. She added that the loss of the church caused the imbalance of the society.

While talking on the subject of the girl education, she said that we believe in the girl education and by educating a girl you educate a society. She said we have always emphasized the women to bring their girls to the schools so that they can help their nation grow and prosper.


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