CM Punjab Wants Education for Everyone

CM Punjab Wants Education for Everyone

The chief minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has given the approval for the development of the Provincial Higher Education Commission in the Punjab. It has also been decided earlier that the state of the art Information Technology University will be established where the talented but needy students will be offered free education. 
The decision came after there was a meeting presided by the CM Shahbaz Sharif at the CM Office on Saturday. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss on the proposal of the development of the Higher Education Commission. He said that the Punjab government is in right direction and knows what to do for the development of the higher education in the province. He said that there is a dire need of the development of the HEC at provincial level for the promotion of higher education in Punjab. 

He said that the research is what makes any country educationally progressive and for research universities play important role and thus special attention should be paid on the universities of the Punjab. He said that the faculty of the universities must know the global trends and patterns. He said that we are planning to have a comprehensive planning in which the involvement of the PhD scholars will be assured. He said that the government will provide everything that is necessary for the improvement of the education in the universities of the Punjab.

He said that this is not it, we are working on development of new universities as well. One of them is the IT university in the Knowledge Park and more will come along. He also asked the committee to submit their recommendation for the new university that is to be opened in the Technology park. He said that government will give no relaxation in the projects related to the education and they must be completed on time.


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