Study in USA

Study in United States of America

Unites States of America is home to almost one in every five universities which are present in the list of the QS world ranking and it has been the best destination for the international students. In the year of 2011-12, the total number of 764,500 students from all over the world chose to study in USA.

California, New York and Texas were the most popular states for the international students and the most opted subjects were business, engineering, computer science, mathematics and management.

USA has everything that a student can think of, the campus life, the city life, the security, quality of the study, research work. You name it and the States has got it and that is why it is the most popular destination for the international students.

Universities in the US

The variety for an international student is so diverse in the United States that finding a university that suits your talents is so easy. You can have your preferred surroundings, suitable institutes and anything of your desire. There is also a great opportunity for the students that since you have picked a university and went there and that is not fulfilling your requirements, you can easily jump over to another, this is a common practice in there.

There are majors and minor system for the undergrad studies; you have to take a minor class in an additional field to supplement your major degree. For example if your majors are Biology, you can opt for education as a minor.


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