Prize Bond schedule Year 2015

Prize Bond schedule Year 2015

Life in the modern age is the busiest of all times and one has no time to keep itself notified about the schedule of the prize bond denominations for the calendar year 2015 in Pakistan. If someone has the denominations of the prize bond and is unaware of the schedules of it, then it might not be able to win the prize associated with the denominations.

For all those who don’t know about the procedure of the prize bond in Pakistan, let me tell them. The smaller denomination of prize bond of rupees 200 which have the highest price of 750 thousand rupees, second prize is 250 thousand and third prize is of 1250 rupees. 

The largest denomination in the prize bond is of rupees 40000 with the first prize of rupees 75000,000, second prize of 25000,000 and the third prize of 500000 rupees.

Now there is a time for you to know about the schedule of the prize bond which is given below in the table. You can look the dates of the draw and their location for the particular draw in the year.

The times are gone when there were registers and you had to go to the physical shops in the markets to know about the venue of the prize bond. The technology has made things easier and the schedule is now available online for the users so that they can know when and where the next draw is located and that is why we are here to tell you that.


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