National College of Arts (NCA), Lahore

National College of Arts (NCA), Lahore

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National College of Arts

National College of Arts which is called as NCA is one of the most prestigious and oldest institutions of higher learner in arts in Lahore, Pakistan.  National college of arts is a very unique institution imparting world class education among its students after its establishment in 1875.

NCA Old Name Mayo School or Arts at Start

National college of arts was known as the Mayo school or arts at start. Historic building of this supreme institute is situated at Mall road Lahore opposite to National College of arts near Punjab civil Secretariat offices. From more than 130 years, national college is producing top notch artists, architects, designers and teachers in the whole region. It is because of world-class education and teaching standards which bring theory, ideas and practice to make artists.

National College of Arts History

Its history takes us to the British rule in India. The foundation of this institution was laid by Lord Mayo. Lord mayo was the viceroy of India at that time.  The mayo school of Arts is also declared as one of the pioneer institution of India at that time. After the death of Lord Mayo Lockwood, Kipling was appointed at the very first principal of school of arts. At the moment Prof. Dr. Murtaza Jafri is principal of NCA, Lahore and Nazish atta Ullah of Rawalpindi campus. Its Rawalpindi campus was established in 2006. Rawalpindi campus is doing a great work on research and publication regarding history of Potohar region.

NCA Degree Courses

The first autonomous arts degree college awards degrees in a lot of fields. Major departments of college include Department of Architecture, Department of Fine Arts (specialization in painting, print making, sculpture or miniature), Department of Communication Design (advertisement and visual communication), Department of Ceramics Design, Department of Product Design, Department of Textile Design, Department of Musicology, Department of Film and Television, Department of Multimedia Arts, Department of Interior Design, Department of Fresco Painting, Department of Calligraphy, Department of Communication & Cultural Studies. Different departments offer degree coarse as well as short and long courses. Majorly degrees are 4 to 5 year programs and coarse are usually 6 month to 1 year programs at college.

National college of Arts Activities

National college of arts is well known for its co-curricular activities. There are a lot of clubs and societies taking active part in events and activities. There is puppeteers NCA society which produce skits and other work of art, End film society of college organize films showing apart from making films, Cine circle is a film club which lay emphasis on film screening and film related event management, Nautankye is a theatre group representing NCA, from about than 20 years, at different national and international levels, Alif Adaab is also a comic theatre group.

NCA Renowned People

This unique institution has produced many renowned people like Nayyar Ali Dada, Kamil Khan,Salahuddin Mian, Asif R Naqvi, Nadeem Bashir, Jamil Baloch, A.R Chughtai, Salima Hashmi, Jamil Naqsh, Colin David, Satish Gujral, Farooq Qaiser, Meesha Shafi, Ali Zafar, Faisal Qureshi and Ayesha Omer.

National college of Arts Contact Information

Official Website:
Address: 4,Shahrah-E-Qaid-E-Azam,Lahore,Pakistan
Postalcode: (54000)
Tel: +924299210599,99210601
Fax: +924299210500

Management of college is trying very hard to compete and excel not only at national level but international level as well. The students have depicted their art works in the world wide competitions as well.


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