LIFE Style of US Universities

LIFE Style of United States Universities

Universities in Newyork

Ney York City is undoubtedly the city that never sleeps and is considered as the capital of the world. The cities skyscrapers are not only the towering monuments but add the financial power to the city. The city is also a hub to the legendary music and fashions. No matter what your lifestyle is, the city is there to entertain you. Columbia and New York Universities are the world best universities for no douobt.

Universities in Boston

Boston is considered as the place where the most brilliant minds of the worlds are present since it is the home to the Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology which are on the number 1 and 2 in the world. Other best universities in Boston are Tufts University, Boston University, Brandies University.

Universities in Chicago

Chicago has a great importance when it comes to culture and wealth. It is second to New York and Los Angeles in terms of the population and impact. It might look like a busy city with a lot of sky scrapers but underneath them, there is a vibrant city full of culture and nightlife. The best universities in Chicago are University of Chicago, Northwestern University, Illinois Institute of Technology and Loyola University.

Universities in Los Angles

The music, television and film are the home industries to Los Angeles. One can certainly think of the Beverly hills’ when it comes to the LA but the city is also home to beautiful sunny beaches and natural beauty. The city also offers many prestigious institutes to study in.


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