IHH will Set Up an Education Campus in Pakistan for Orphans

IHH will set up an Education Campus in Pakistan for Orphans

A Turkish aid NGO, the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation will construct a new educational complex in the town of Haripur in Pakistan to provide standard education to the orphans. IHH is planning to establish the eight-block campus that will include living quarters for orphans and a cafeteria. IHH’s eventual goal is to form a university also. Many of the children lost their parents, one or both in disastrous earthquake in 2005 and the heavy flood in 2010.

IHH begin to set up orphanages in Pakistan to support such poor and helpless families and children with the help of donors since 2005. It is not the first time that IHH supported Pakistan; IHH helped thousands of needy families with social responsibility projects.

IHH Vice President Yusuf Bilgin demonstrate that IHH supported many families who left their home town Afghanistan and found their shelter in Pakistan. He added that this project of making campus would be of orphans’ convenience; this educational complex will be built to provide the educational opportunities to poor and helpless children that lack money and opportunities to be an educated citizen. 

Vice President of IHH, Yusuf Bilgin said that this complex will provide residence and commissary to the orphans and IHH eventually built a university for promoting education and helping orphans in Pakistan.

Yusuf Bilgin also underlined the progress of IHH that the construction of the basis of this eight-block complex pushed IHH one step forward in attaining its ultimate goal of building the university. In this project, the Khubaib Foundation of Pakistan collaborated with IHH. The president of Pakistan’s Khubaib Foundation, Nedim Ahmad Khan said that the relations of Pakistan and Turkey were political until 2005, but after the huge destruction in 2005, Turkish-Pakistani relations became friendly and selfless.


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