Government is Resolute to Provide more Resources to Education

Government is Resolute to Provide more Resources to Education

For the promotion of education in our country, government is firm to arrange more resources for education sector, said by President Mamnoon Hussain while talking to Country Head of Department for international Development (DFID) Richard Montgomery at presidency.

In the meeting between president and Richard some important issues were discussed including the support of United Kingdom in different fields and plans and they also talked about the projects UK has take on with the help of DFID in Pakistan. Richard Montgomery notified the President about the role of DFID in Pakistan, DFID aided Pakistan in many fields especially education and health. While talking about the collaboration of Pakistan and UK, the President admired the support of UK to Pakistan in different regions since 2008, education and health are most important among them.

The aids given by UK were about 1.174 billion. He said that country needs the support and funds of UK to accommodate the energy needs. He also talked about the efficient role of DFIF; he talked about the plans through which DFID assisted the country in education sector. The President said that the country needs Pakistan and UK’s collaboration and extra focus to enhance the quality and standard of education.

The President admired the assistance of DFID for facilitating the government of Pakistan. He was informed that Pakistan was the largest acceptor to aids of UK in the world according to the Operational Plan (2011-2015) of the new government of UK. In this plan UK has consign 1,392 million.

The President ensured to provide every possible facility and support to the Country Head of DFIF and his team in developing Pakistan socio-economically. Richard Montgomery also admired the government’s dedication to advance education sector of Pakistan. He reassured that UK government’s support in educating the children in Pakistan and enhancing the education in Pakistan.


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