Domestic violence will end up only when a cultural shift occur

Domestic violence will end up only when a cultural shift occur

Many Pakistani women are victims of domestic violence, it is a cruel act and only a victim can relate it in true sense. It is an outcome of poverty and lack of education, so it is found in most of the villages and backward areas where the inhabitants are uneducated and they don’t know how to treat others.

In these families even if the females are educated, still they face violence. It is not the thing that schools teach, how to deal with violence and abuse. Unfortunately, the cultural and social context in Pakistan also allows the domestic violence. It’s a learned behavior in our society; both the convict and the victim’s brain were for this act from the beginning.

Our society defends it either in a direct way or indirectly, that’s the reason for which about 80% of Pakistani women are the victims of different degrees of violence in their homes. Girls adopt this system unconsciously as they see their mothers beaten up by their fathers. They may not accept it but they learned that it is an un-debatable act that will remain as it is. They expect similar fates as their mothers’.

We are living in a patriarchal society where men are dominant, they can do anything while women are restricted and men control over their acts. In Pakistan men have power and authority and women are supposed to obey their men. Education has a little effect of breaking this old thinking but unfortunately still we have many families where domestic violence is a common thing. At the beginning of their age, girls are installed with patience and endurance, they are told about the fact the men will control and handle their lives and they have to accept that.

Islam restrains the Muslims from violence. Islam has allowed husbands to beat up their wives only if they don’t obey orders. This permission is misunderstood as the women are obliged to obey their husbands blindly and accept their punishment. Islam emphasized on the equality of men and women, different verses highlight the equality of the relation between spouses. Islam also stress upon the good treatment of men with their wives. It is unfortunate fact that Pakistani Muslims are unaware the teaching of Islam. Even if they know the teachings, they ignore them. 

It was debated often that with better education, awareness and socio-economic development of women will wake them up and they would be able to change their condition. It is somewhat true but the other factors like patriarchal believes and family expectations remain same, so the violence will not completely omit. It is the need of the hour to change the mind sets and custom of violence.

To give the women with their rights and removing male-dominant factor, a shift of cultural beliefs and ideas is needed. If we change the mind sets of the people, they will be conscious of the unjust behavior of men with their women. At that time women will be able to get rights and control over their lives, education will enhance their status and remove exploitation by the men.


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