Virtual University of Pakistan (VU)

Virtual University of Pakistan (VU)

Nowadays people prefer everything at their door step. Same is the case with education. Distant educational programs are becoming very popular in every part of the world. Virtual university of Pakistan is one of those universities in which any one can have a degree while sitting in home.

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  • Virtual University History
  • Virtual University Courses
  • The Virtual University
  • Lectures Medium
  • VU Environment
  • VU Examination Style
  • Virtual University Contact Information
  • Virtual University Courses List

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    Virtual University History

     The university was inaugurated in 2002 as a public sector university in a famous city of Pakistan, Lahore. The president of Pakistan is the chancellor of the virtual university.  Currently it is operating in more than sixty cities of Pakistan with more than one hundred associated institutes for student assistance.

    Virtual University Courses

    It is offering various degrees at masters and bachelors level. University offers several courses in business administration, computing, economics and information technology. The best thing is that several foreign students are also enrolled in this university because of its good repute and ease of getting education.

    The Virtual University

    Virtual University of Pakistan is based in Lahore having federal charter. It degrees are recognized in whole country as well as all over the world. Virtual University of Pakistan is the first educational institute of the country having modern communication technologies and modern setup. It basically is a non-profit educational institution in public sector category.

    Lectures Medium

    It broadcasts all the lectures via free-to-air satellite based television and internet. Students are allowed to have lectures either at home or physical locations allocated by university. All the lectures are delivered by top most professors of the country. Professors of all the major universities are requested to develop and deliver lectures on any course of their particular expertise.

    VU Environment

    The Virtual University of Pakistan facilitates its students by providing lectures recorded in a professional studio environment along with the slides, movie clips. All the Course lectures are also available as streaming media from the Virtual University’s servers. All the students can review whole set of lectures before the examinations. Everything is made available through a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) hosted on the VU Web Servers and accessible over the Internet and satellite.

    VU Examination Style

     The best part of LMS is the question/answer board where VU faculty provides answers to questions asked by students on the subject matter covered in the lectures of those teachers. The Question/Answer is called as the Moderated Discussion Board which is extremely easy and provides separate session of each lecture. Assignments are also pasted via LMS same is the case with quizzes and tests. Papers are conducted in exam environment which is formal system.

    Virtual University Contact Information

    Official Website:
    PHONE:     +92 (42) 111 880 880
    FAX:       +92 (42) 99200604
               +92 (42) 99202174

    Virtual University Courses List

    VU Programe

    Courses List
    MS in Computer Science Master of Science in Computer Science (2 years)
    MBA / MS in Business Admin
    1. Master of Computer Science (MCS)
    2. Master of Information Technology (MIT)
    3. Masters Programs for VU graduates:
    4. Master of Computer Science (MCS) for VU Graduates
    5. Master of Information Technology (MIT) for VU Graduates
    1. Master of Business Studies (MBS) leading to MBA (equivalent to MS) / MS in Business Administration (MSBA)
    2. Master of Public Administration (MPA)
      Master of Business Administration - Executive (MBA-Executive)
    3. Master of Business Economics (MB Econ)
    1. Master of Commerce (M.Com)
    2. Master of Accounting
    3. Master of Finance
    4. Master of Accounting & Finance
    5. Master of Banking & Finance
    BS and B.Ed (Hons) Programs PROGRAMS BY FACULTY
    Faculty of Education
    1. B.Ed (Hons) Elementary
    Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology
    1. BS (Computer Science)
    2. BS (Information Technology)
    3. BS in Software Engineering
    Faculty of Management
    1. BS (Business Administration)
    2. BS (Public Administration)
    3. BS (Management)
    4. BS (Marketing)
    5. Bachelor of Business & Information Technology (BBIT)
    Faculty of Arts
    1. BS (Accounting and Finance)
    2. BS (Commerce)
    3. BS (Commerce) for degree holders
    4. BS (Mass Communication)
    5. BS (Psychology)
    6. BS (Banking & Finance)
    BS Dual Degree Program For VU BS CS\IT Graduates only
    2-Year Bachelors Programs
    1. B.Sc B.Com BA (Business Administration)
    2. BA (Psychology) BA (Mass Communication)
    3. BA (Bachelor of Arts)
    4. B.Sc. (Mathematics, Statistics & Economics)
    Diploma Program Diploma Program
    1. DIPLOMA
      Diploma in Computer Science and Information Technology

    1. Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting
      Post Graduate
    2. Diploma in Business Administration
      Post Graduate
    3. Diploma in Accounting & Finance
      Post Graduate
    4. Diploma in Banking & Finance
      Post Graduate
    5. Diploma in Finance
      Post Graduate
    6. Diploma in Public Administration
      Post Graduate
    7. Diploma in Marketing Management
      Post Graduate
    8. Diploma in Entrepreneurship & SME Management
      Post Graduate
    9. Diploma in Human Resource Management
      Post Graduate
    10. Diploma in Applied Psychology
      Post Graduate
    11. Diploma in Computer Science
      Post Graduate
    12. Diploma in Information Technology
    Zero Semester For candidates having less than 45% marks
    Deficiency Semester DEFICIENCY SEMESTER
    1. For Admission towards MCS/MIT only.
    2. For Admission towards MBA (Equivalent to MS) / MS in Business Administration.
    1. For Admission towards MBA (Equivalent to MS) For VU BS(CS).
    2. For Admission towards MBA (Equivalent to MS) For VU BS(IT).
    3. For Admission towards MBA (Equivalent to MS) For VU BS(Mass Comm).
    4. For Admission towards MBA (Equivalent to MS) For VU BS(Psychology).
    5. For Admission towards MBA (Equivalent to MS) For VU MCS.
    6. For Admission towards MBA (Equivalent to MS) For VU MIT.
    Specialization Certificate For candidates holding 16 year of education in any discipline
    1. Banking
    2. Finance
    3. Human Resource Management
    4. Management
    5. Management Information System, and
    6. Marketing
    Trends of distance education via satellite in different countries, governments and corporations around the globe are highly cost-effective. More universities and organization should adapt this methodology.


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