Ummah Academies to Educate Orphans

Ummah Academies to Educate Orphans

There are a lot of kids who lost their one or two parents in many different situations and in countries like Pakistan where there is no governmental support for the orphans, they have to go door to door for their daily basis needs. Many have to quit education and start earning for their family and to make both ends meet.

Ummah Children Academy has been a ray of light for those students as it focuses on educating the orphans. The Nowshera based academy is working for the kids who are out of schools and are orphans who cannot support their education. The Ummah Welfare Trust is running the school and Widow’s program. The trust was developed back in 2001 and receives donations from the Muslims worldwide and helps the orphans and widows from the day one.

Saqib Arbab who is the resident of Peshawar said that the trust has been working great and doing a great service in many different disciplines. He added that the best thing about the trust is that they offer best facilities to those who cannot even dream of it.

There are 2 schools under the trust which are working since 2005 and have been educating more than 800 kids who lost their parents in terrorist attacks, flood, earthquake and other calamities. The school has the modern facilities and is located outside the Nowshera and has the land of 13 acres.

The trust has been distributing more than 35 million under the annual scholarships scheme for widows from January to November 2012 and more than 134 million PKR on the development of the orphans. The school teaches the oxford syllabus, has a great building with proper facilities, a mosque, computer labs, playgrounds and a cricket pitch. There is a study dormitory, a laundry, and an ambulance service as well, the ones which are very rare to be present in the vicinity of the city.


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