Turkey Wants to Open Academic Ventures with Pakistan

Turkey Wants to Open Academic Ventures with Pakistan

For the benefit of the two countries, Turkey is keen to open the academic synergies with the higher education institutes in Pakistan. Sadik Babur Girgin who is the new Turkish Ambassador in Pakistan has said that the nation wants to tie up in the field of education. He said this while he was on his visit in the National university of Modern Language (NUML) on Friday.

He discussed the interest of his nation with the Maj-Gen Masood Hassan who is the Rector of the university and General Brig Azam Jamal who is the Director of the NUML University.  He said that the history is evident that entrepreneurs in Turkey have been investing in Pakistan in the fields of engineering, communications, education and telecom and it is the proof that Turkey want to play its share in the development of the countries like Pakistan.

He said that the economical growth of any country is directly depending upon the education and the join academic synergies will be very helpful for the nation. He showed the desire of having a detailed tie up between the Ankara University and the NUML. He said that he wants these two universities to have faculty exchange, students exchange, faculty development, short and partial scholarships programmes in the field of social sciences.

The ambassador also visited the library, language labs and writing resource center of the universities and assured that he will bring many joint projects in the field of education.


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