Low Standard of Education and Research in Our Country Pakistan

Low Standard of Education and Research in Our Country

In Pakistan, students are generally unable to learn and understand crucial analysis. This is the most unfortunate fact about graduates and postgraduate students in Pakistan. They don’t really understand the basic concepts and meanings of researches and analysis. If we examine our exams conducting system, we came to know that when we collect some often repeated questions from the past five year plan to make a guess paper of the next paper, almost 75% of that guess paper will be correct.

It makes the students lazy and less hard working. They just have to pick up a selective portion to pass the exam, no need to study the entire syllabus or learn. In Pakistan, from matriculation to masters it works as a lot. The academy system is on its peak, now-a-days.

Students don’t have to wait till the end of year to find out the selective questions to prepare, this job is done by an academician at very beginning. When the selective portion is found, students have to memorize it. Only few students learn and understand the concepts and formulas while the majority of the students just do cramming.

Due to the lack of learning, when we analyze the candidates in a job market, they don’t know the basics of their subjects. They may be the students who passed with first division; it is possible only due to their ability to memorize topics. Actually, the grading system is based on the ability of a student to memorize syllabus, it is not based upon the creativity and innovation.

The researches start from graduate and postgraduate level, but it is not the right thing, researches must be initialized from college level to make students sharp. If we start researches from smaller level, the students of postgraduate don’t have to struggle hard to understand the basics of researches. Research is concerned with the thinking and creativity of students, not with the purchases of equipments and labs basically.

Therefore all the students from Masters to the PhD level must have the concepts of critical thinking; we should introduce a basic and compulsory course for this purpose. It is common that the students coming from conservative regions of society face many problems of adjustments in the area of research. Unfortunately, Pakistani students wanted to answer in detailed manner, they hesitate to answer the hypothetical questions. It is difficult to change the level of thinking of the entire society; we have to take a start from individual level.

Researches are of vital importance as discovery and inventions are the measures to make an unaware person to aware of the facts. The field of science flourish when new finding are added to the already known facts. Substandard researches are unable to fulfill this purpose. The first thing to keep in mind is the construction of hypothesis, when starting a new research thesis. The second point is to write the findings of the thesis in a scientific manner. The next hurdle is that the students are not so efficient in English. To reduce these hurdles, the universities should teach research writing and English language in a better way.


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