Karachi University to Conduct Exams Despite Riots

Karachi University to Conduct Exams Despite Riots

The University of Karachi has decided to conduct the examination which was scheduled on Saturday morning despite the tense situation in the area and roadblocks in the region. The law and order situation was tensed earlier on Saturday when three people were killed near Maskan Intersection in Gulshan e Iqbal. There were also the killings of two students near Moti Mahal which evoked the protests while majority of the students had left homes for the university.
The demonstration was quite destructive as the protestors blocked the road, burned the tyres and threw stones on the cars. All the area from Sohrab Goth to Nipa Intersection was blocked by the demonstrators. The local law and order controlling authorities were not located on the sight and later rangers took the control of the region to maintain the situation.

The situation has been quite tense lately and many students are not supposed to come to the university to appear in the examination as there ways to university are not safe. They are staying home as they cannot manage to get to the university but the university is not going to postpone the examination which has created different situation for the students.

The controller of the examination of Karachi University, Dr Muhammad Arshad Azmi said that it takes a lot of money and effort to manage an examination of a large number of students so we cannot postpone the whole examination and we hope that the students can get to the university safe. However those who will not be able to manage to get to the university will be facilitated later.


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