Habib University Karachi Racing towards Quality Education

Habib University Karachi Racing towards quality education for all

For the formation of idyllic society, quality education for all is the fundamental requirement. Education is very necessary for betterment of society. In last few years many universities are contributing a lot in education by giving financial assistance to deserving students. Habib University Karachi is one of them. Habib University seems to be quite ambitious in imparting knowledge to deserving students.

They are offering financial assistance to student which is a wise step to overcome financial barriers preventing Needy students to dive in the stream of quality education have entered the thoughts of Habib University - Karachi. Resources revealed that more than 100 merit based scholarships will pave the ways for 200 students of first year batch. Furthermore, 10 percent of students will be fully funded while 80 percent will be awarded scholarships depending upon their needs.

Habib University is providing a comprehensive helping package to the students. The financial aid package of Habib University comprises of merit-based scholarships, grants, on-campus student employment opportunities, and loans. These options are available based on the students’ requirements.

Rafiq M. Habib Chancellor Habib University said that they are a nonprofit organization. We will impart students on subsidy in large numbers. This kind of statements injects new energy to brilliant students having limited financial resources. He also encouraged the student with his statements. He said, “As long as they have the ability to get in, money would not be a question”. APP Details on the various financial support systems are available on Habib University Scholarships.


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