Golden 150-years of Government College University

The golden 150-years of Government College University completed on January 01, 2014

The great and higher learning centre of Pakistan, the Government College University Lahore become 150-years-old on Wednesday. The remarkable efforts were made by university and Old Ravians Union as they planned to beautify this event by their intellectual, co-curricular and communal activities.
Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rehman announced that 2014 is a year of great celebrations for all Ravians and Old Ravians at international level, the celebrations began at grand ceremony at the GCU Oval Ground from Wednesday.

   The Vice Chancellor recalled the history of GCU, he said that it came into being on January 1, 1864 in the palace of Dhian Singh in Walled City as Government College, Lahore. At the start the College was affiliated with Calcutta University due to the reason that there was no any other university was present on that time at this part of the sub-continent. The present mysterious-looking grand building of the GC University Lahore was completed in 1877, it was on 3700 square feet in the north of Soldiers Garden (Gol Bagh) with Rs 320,000 cost.

The Government College, Lahore became GC University in 2002, when its status was raised to the university. This superior institution is served by 27 heads, from first principle Dr G.W Lietner to second Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rehman.

While talking to media, Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman talked about the4 greatness of the institute that this institution progressed so well that it produced hundred of literary figures, politicians, two Nobel Laureates, jurists, sportsmen, scientists and four prime ministers, while the institute was started in 1864 with just nine students and three teachers.

He said that the college was founded on the pattern of great Cambridge and Oxford Universities. He said that it was in the historical records that the decision was made to give 10 to 15 million rupees scholarships annually to all the students of this college.


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