Institute of Space Technology

Institute of Space Technology

Table of Content:

History of Institute of Space Technology

With the vision of fostering intellectual and economic vitality through teaching, research and outreach in the field of Space Sciences & Technology and with a view to improve quality of life Institute of Space Technology was established in 2002 with the support of National Space Agency. Institute of space technology came into being to keep pace with the advanced technology and progression in Research and development of modern era. In exploration and study of entire universe space science has been a vital thing in the near past.

Institute of Space Technology Degrees

Institute of Space Technology started offering degrees at undergraduate in the beginning. Aerospace Engineering and Communication systems were declared its core discipline and specialization of degrees were also started in both departments. In 2008 institute started an undergraduate degree program in the field of material science and engineering along with the graduate program in communication engineering. At the moment institute of space technology is offering various degrees in various undergraduate and graduate levels. The undergraduate programs taught at IST are approved by Higher Education Commission (HEC) and accredited Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

IST Affiliations

Institute has many national and international linkages. Major collaborations of the institute are with Beihang University (BUAA), also Northern Polytechnic University (NPU), China and University of Surrey (UniS), UK to offer linked master’s programs in more than dozen areas. These collaborations help the management to work and excel according to their mission of providing outstanding quality education to diverse groups of national and international students.

Academic Programs Medium

All the Academic programs lay stress on scientific and theoretical foundations to produce professionals with understanding of the fundamental and a capability of applying knowledge on practical grounds. IST youth carnival and World space week are mentionable events arranged by IST on annual basis.

Institute of Space Technology Campus

Institute of Space Technology has a very spacious campus over 577 kanals of greenery near DHA. Major departments include Aeronautics & Astronautics, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Space Science, National Centre for Remote-Sensing & Geo-Informatics, Humanities & Sciences . Institute has wide lawns, parking spaces, grounds, latest labs, canteen and library services.

IST Facilities

Major facilities of campus include video conferencing, auditorium, lecture theatres, modern labs and latest computer rooms. There are mention able specialized laboratories in this institute which provide on hands training to its students laboratories deal with Aerodynamics, EMF & Microwaves, Mechanics of Materials, Antennas & Propagation, Propulsion, Optical Communications, Control Systems, Digital Design, Aerospace Materials, Electronics, Communication Systems, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Aerospace Instrumentation, Electrical Circuits, Embedded Systems, Computer Aided Design, Digital Signal Processing and UAV Design Lab.

Institute of Space Technology Contact Information

Official Website:
1, Islamabad Highway,
Islamabad 44000
T: +92-51-9075100
F: +92-51-9273310 E:

Institute of Space Technology Courses Range

IST Programe Courses
Institute of Space Technology Bachelor of Science(BS)
  1. Bachelor of Science (Aerospace Engineering)
  2. Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering)
  3. Bachelor of Science (Materials Science & Engineering)
  4. Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering)
  5. Bachelor of Science (Space Science)
Institute of Space Technology Master of Science(MS)

Aerospace Engineering

  1. Aerodynamics/Computational Fluid
  2. Dynamics
  3. Propulsion
  4. Structural Design & Analysis
  5. Aerospace Vehicle Design
  6. Guidance, Navigation and Control

Global Navigation Satellite Systems

Aerospace Engineering(Linked Program With BUAA, China)

  1. Aerodynamics/ Computational Fluid
  2. Dynamics
  3. Rocket Propulsion
  4. Structural Design & Analysis
  5. Aerospace Vehicle Design
  6. Guidance, Navigation & Control

Satellite Engineering(Linked Program With BUAA, China)

  1. Navigation, Guidance & Control
  2. Spacecraft Design & Applications

Aerospace Engineering(Linked Program With NPU, China)

Communication Engineering

  1. Signal & Image Processing
  2. Wireless Communications
  • Information and Cyber Security
  • Satellite Communications
  • Engineering(Linked Program With UniS, UK)
  • Electronics Engineering(Linked Program With UniS, UK)
  • Mobile Communication Systems(Linked Program With UniS, UK)
  • Mobile & Satellite Communication(Linked Program With UniS, UK)
  • Space Technology & Planetary Exploration(Linked Program With UniS, UK)
  • Materials Science and Engineering(Linked Program With BUAA, China)
  • Manufacturing Engineering(Linked Program With BUAA, China)
    Welding Engineering(Linked Program With BUAA, China)

Mechanical Engineering

  1. Fluid & Thermal Systems
  2. Mechanical Design & Analysis
  3. Manufacturing Systems
  4. Automobile
  • Astrophysics and Astronomy
  • Atmospheric & Environmental Science
  • Remote Sensing & Geo-information Science
  • Environment & Climate Change
  • Disaster Management
  • Geo-Informatics
  • Spatial Information Technology
Institute of Space Technology offers PhD programs
  1. Aeronautics and Astronautics(Linked Program With BUAA, China)
  2. Aeronautics and Astronautics(Linked Program With NPU, China)

More about IST

In a short span of time Institute of Space Technology has achieved a lot in research and development. IST is the only institute of its kind in the whole Muslim world.  It is also considered as one of the most developing universities in the field of space science in South Asia.
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Unfair Educational Criteria of the People of Pakistan

Unfair Educational Criteria of the People of Pakistan

Education is basic, crucial and global right of human beings. Every human on the earth have this basic right to be an educated person. It was acclaimed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and it is also revealed in international human rights convention. Constitution of Pakistan also gave it vital importance that every citizen has the right to be educated, declared in article thirty seven.

All 189 United Nations members and  23 international organizations team up to help achieve the Millennium Development Goals by 2015. There are total 8 goals to be achieved by 2015, and we have only a year to achieve these goals. 

One of them is that to assure that every child get the basic primary education regardless of the gender factor, which may be a boy or a girl, the child must have the right and source to attain full course of elementary education in schools. In 2010, the population of Pakistan was about 173 million; of them the ratio of males was greater than females. The ratio of males and females is 108 males per 100 females. Pakistan is devoted to omit inequality of education of boys and girls due to the commitments with international agreements and conventions.  

It is sad fact that inequality of education takes place worldwide, especially in the developing countries, unfortunately Pakistan reside in this category. Biased educational culture is found on a very large scale. Unfortunately, Pakistan was at number 129 in attaining educational goals out of 135 countries. Our literacy rate for women is very low as almost 50 percent of the girls were unable to get education. The marriage of pre-mature girls is also a very big reason of educational failure, latter they become illiterate mothers eventually causing poverty of the society, as they are unable to educate their children. Quran also teaches to learn, but the Pakistani Muslims are unaware of the teachings and spirit of Islam.

Gender biasness is also caused by poverty and illiteracy of the parents, also parents cares a lot about the security of their daughters. Regardless of the gender inequalities, there are huge opportunities available to be an educated citizen. The private educational zone is extended at a huge level, making education more complex, as parents have to decide whether to send their children to government institute or private to minimize the cost of education.

More people send their children to private schools rather than government schools due to the difference of the standard of education. Another main factor of inequality is of learning. There are very poor learning standards in public schools and irregular behavior of teachers is very common. Thus government institutes generate low learning outcomes as compare to the private sector. Also the job opportunities are available as per the standard of the institute attended. So people mostly chose private institutions. Inequality is not a natural phenomenon; it is created by the people and their standards. At present time it is mostly caused by the state policies, their nature, cultural context and traditions found in our societies.
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Ummah Academies to Educate Orphans

Ummah Academies to Educate Orphans

There are a lot of kids who lost their one or two parents in many different situations and in countries like Pakistan where there is no governmental support for the orphans, they have to go door to door for their daily basis needs. Many have to quit education and start earning for their family and to make both ends meet.

Ummah Children Academy has been a ray of light for those students as it focuses on educating the orphans. The Nowshera based academy is working for the kids who are out of schools and are orphans who cannot support their education. The Ummah Welfare Trust is running the school and Widow’s program. The trust was developed back in 2001 and receives donations from the Muslims worldwide and helps the orphans and widows from the day one.

Saqib Arbab who is the resident of Peshawar said that the trust has been working great and doing a great service in many different disciplines. He added that the best thing about the trust is that they offer best facilities to those who cannot even dream of it.

There are 2 schools under the trust which are working since 2005 and have been educating more than 800 kids who lost their parents in terrorist attacks, flood, earthquake and other calamities. The school has the modern facilities and is located outside the Nowshera and has the land of 13 acres.

The trust has been distributing more than 35 million under the annual scholarships scheme for widows from January to November 2012 and more than 134 million PKR on the development of the orphans. The school teaches the oxford syllabus, has a great building with proper facilities, a mosque, computer labs, playgrounds and a cricket pitch. There is a study dormitory, a laundry, and an ambulance service as well, the ones which are very rare to be present in the vicinity of the city.
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Turkey Wants to Open Academic Ventures with Pakistan

Turkey Wants to Open Academic Ventures with Pakistan

For the benefit of the two countries, Turkey is keen to open the academic synergies with the higher education institutes in Pakistan. Sadik Babur Girgin who is the new Turkish Ambassador in Pakistan has said that the nation wants to tie up in the field of education. He said this while he was on his visit in the National university of Modern Language (NUML) on Friday.

He discussed the interest of his nation with the Maj-Gen Masood Hassan who is the Rector of the university and General Brig Azam Jamal who is the Director of the NUML University.  He said that the history is evident that entrepreneurs in Turkey have been investing in Pakistan in the fields of engineering, communications, education and telecom and it is the proof that Turkey want to play its share in the development of the countries like Pakistan.

He said that the economical growth of any country is directly depending upon the education and the join academic synergies will be very helpful for the nation. He showed the desire of having a detailed tie up between the Ankara University and the NUML. He said that he wants these two universities to have faculty exchange, students exchange, faculty development, short and partial scholarships programmes in the field of social sciences.

The ambassador also visited the library, language labs and writing resource center of the universities and assured that he will bring many joint projects in the field of education.
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Virtual University of Pakistan (VU)

Virtual University of Pakistan (VU)

Nowadays people prefer everything at their door step. Same is the case with education. Distant educational programs are becoming very popular in every part of the world. Virtual university of Pakistan is one of those universities in which any one can have a degree while sitting in home.

Table of Content

  • Virtual University History
  • Virtual University Courses
  • The Virtual University
  • Lectures Medium
  • VU Environment
  • VU Examination Style
  • Virtual University Contact Information
  • Virtual University Courses List

  • Virtual University of Pakistan Official Logo

    Virtual University History

     The university was inaugurated in 2002 as a public sector university in a famous city of Pakistan, Lahore. The president of Pakistan is the chancellor of the virtual university.  Currently it is operating in more than sixty cities of Pakistan with more than one hundred associated institutes for student assistance.

    Virtual University Courses

    It is offering various degrees at masters and bachelors level. University offers several courses in business administration, computing, economics and information technology. The best thing is that several foreign students are also enrolled in this university because of its good repute and ease of getting education.

    The Virtual University

    Virtual University of Pakistan is based in Lahore having federal charter. It degrees are recognized in whole country as well as all over the world. Virtual University of Pakistan is the first educational institute of the country having modern communication technologies and modern setup. It basically is a non-profit educational institution in public sector category.

    Lectures Medium

    It broadcasts all the lectures via free-to-air satellite based television and internet. Students are allowed to have lectures either at home or physical locations allocated by university. All the lectures are delivered by top most professors of the country. Professors of all the major universities are requested to develop and deliver lectures on any course of their particular expertise.

    VU Environment

    The Virtual University of Pakistan facilitates its students by providing lectures recorded in a professional studio environment along with the slides, movie clips. All the Course lectures are also available as streaming media from the Virtual University’s servers. All the students can review whole set of lectures before the examinations. Everything is made available through a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) hosted on the VU Web Servers and accessible over the Internet and satellite.

    VU Examination Style

     The best part of LMS is the question/answer board where VU faculty provides answers to questions asked by students on the subject matter covered in the lectures of those teachers. The Question/Answer is called as the Moderated Discussion Board which is extremely easy and provides separate session of each lecture. Assignments are also pasted via LMS same is the case with quizzes and tests. Papers are conducted in exam environment which is formal system.

    Virtual University Contact Information

    Official Website:
    PHONE:     +92 (42) 111 880 880
    FAX:       +92 (42) 99200604
               +92 (42) 99202174

    Virtual University Courses List

    VU Programe

    Courses List
    MS in Computer Science Master of Science in Computer Science (2 years)
    MBA / MS in Business Admin
    1. Master of Computer Science (MCS)
    2. Master of Information Technology (MIT)
    3. Masters Programs for VU graduates:
    4. Master of Computer Science (MCS) for VU Graduates
    5. Master of Information Technology (MIT) for VU Graduates
    1. Master of Business Studies (MBS) leading to MBA (equivalent to MS) / MS in Business Administration (MSBA)
    2. Master of Public Administration (MPA)
      Master of Business Administration - Executive (MBA-Executive)
    3. Master of Business Economics (MB Econ)
    1. Master of Commerce (M.Com)
    2. Master of Accounting
    3. Master of Finance
    4. Master of Accounting & Finance
    5. Master of Banking & Finance
    BS and B.Ed (Hons) Programs PROGRAMS BY FACULTY
    Faculty of Education
    1. B.Ed (Hons) Elementary
    Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology
    1. BS (Computer Science)
    2. BS (Information Technology)
    3. BS in Software Engineering
    Faculty of Management
    1. BS (Business Administration)
    2. BS (Public Administration)
    3. BS (Management)
    4. BS (Marketing)
    5. Bachelor of Business & Information Technology (BBIT)
    Faculty of Arts
    1. BS (Accounting and Finance)
    2. BS (Commerce)
    3. BS (Commerce) for degree holders
    4. BS (Mass Communication)
    5. BS (Psychology)
    6. BS (Banking & Finance)
    BS Dual Degree Program For VU BS CS\IT Graduates only
    2-Year Bachelors Programs
    1. B.Sc B.Com BA (Business Administration)
    2. BA (Psychology) BA (Mass Communication)
    3. BA (Bachelor of Arts)
    4. B.Sc. (Mathematics, Statistics & Economics)
    Diploma Program Diploma Program
    1. DIPLOMA
      Diploma in Computer Science and Information Technology

    1. Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting
      Post Graduate
    2. Diploma in Business Administration
      Post Graduate
    3. Diploma in Accounting & Finance
      Post Graduate
    4. Diploma in Banking & Finance
      Post Graduate
    5. Diploma in Finance
      Post Graduate
    6. Diploma in Public Administration
      Post Graduate
    7. Diploma in Marketing Management
      Post Graduate
    8. Diploma in Entrepreneurship & SME Management
      Post Graduate
    9. Diploma in Human Resource Management
      Post Graduate
    10. Diploma in Applied Psychology
      Post Graduate
    11. Diploma in Computer Science
      Post Graduate
    12. Diploma in Information Technology
    Zero Semester For candidates having less than 45% marks
    Deficiency Semester DEFICIENCY SEMESTER
    1. For Admission towards MCS/MIT only.
    2. For Admission towards MBA (Equivalent to MS) / MS in Business Administration.
    1. For Admission towards MBA (Equivalent to MS) For VU BS(CS).
    2. For Admission towards MBA (Equivalent to MS) For VU BS(IT).
    3. For Admission towards MBA (Equivalent to MS) For VU BS(Mass Comm).
    4. For Admission towards MBA (Equivalent to MS) For VU BS(Psychology).
    5. For Admission towards MBA (Equivalent to MS) For VU MCS.
    6. For Admission towards MBA (Equivalent to MS) For VU MIT.
    Specialization Certificate For candidates holding 16 year of education in any discipline
    1. Banking
    2. Finance
    3. Human Resource Management
    4. Management
    5. Management Information System, and
    6. Marketing
    Trends of distance education via satellite in different countries, governments and corporations around the globe are highly cost-effective. More universities and organization should adapt this methodology.
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    Netherlands to improve the trade with Pakistan

    Netherlands to improve the trade with Pakistan to Improve water management, education and good governance

    Netherland’s Ambassador Maecel De Vink has said that the bilateral cooperation between the two countries has been very effective in the past 50 years and the development has been made in water management, education and good governance.

    The ambassador said that trade between the two countries is very old as it has been reported in the ages of 17th century when Dutch traders traded with Thatta which is a city in present Pakistan. He said that nation must focus on trade rather than aid. He said that Netherlands is among the top 20 economies of the world and it has a great potential. The country has also shown the support in having businesses in the new markets like Pakistan.

    He said that the current trade is 800 million dollars per year but Pakistan is the 6th largest country in the world but it has very minor trade with the Netherlands. He said the exports and imports from Pakistan can be very substantial business and has a long way of future.

    He said that CBI (Center for Promotion of Imports from developing countries) wants to work with Pakistan and to bring them in the competition with the other developing countries. He added that they have been importing the automotive parts, surgical instruments, agriculture and also have signed a MoU with the organization of business support in Pakistan.

    He added that in the terms of the export, we are focusing on the energy, water, agriculture and logistics. He added that Dutch Business Circle was also formed in Pakistan to help establishing the strong relations between the two countries.
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    Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad

    Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad

    Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. It is an important educational hub of region with various renowned universities. Quaid-e-Azam University is one of them.  It is a public sector university situated in the territory of city in the mid of margalla hills.

    Quaid-e-Azam University Logo

    Table of Content:

  • History of Quaid-i-Azam University
  • Total Area of University
  • Quaid-i-Azam University Faculties
  • QS World Ranking of Quaid-i-Azam University
  • Quaid-i-Azam University Contact Information
  • More about University
  • Quaid-i-Azam University is one of the famous institutes because of its illuminates, affiliated facilities and research institutes. It is ranked amount top 10 universities in Pakistan. This esteemed institute also made its place in Quacquarelli Symonds ranking of 2013 for the top 500 universities in the world.

    History of Quaid-i-Azam University

    Once known as Islamabad university, Quaid-e-Azam University came into existence in the year 1967 under the act of national assembly. Overall more than 5000 students are currently enrolled in different programs including research programs for PhD and MPhil degrees.  Firstly it offered only research programs and doctorate degrees but with the passage of time university decided to offer Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees.

    The scholars of this prestigious institute have played a vital role in different fields of academia, social work, research and applied sciences. It is the repute of university which not only attracts students from every corner of the country but also foreign students. It has systematic admission criteria from different regions of the country as it is a federal public sector university.

    Total Area of University

    Covering area of 1700 acres in the lush green margalla hills university is renowned for its higher technical advancement and intellectual iteration with a linkage with different international institutes around the globe. There are various links with universities in Europe, Asia and United States of America. It has also collaborations with UNESCO and IRSIP. Its respected faculty members are working in many international universities like cambridge, oxford and heidelberg.

    Quaid-i-Azam University Faculties

    Quaid-i-Azam University consists of four major faculties and many departments associated with these major faculties.

    1.Faculty of natural sciences
    2.Faculty of Social sciences
    3.Faculty of Biological Sciences
    4.Faculty of Medicine

    QS World Ranking of Quaid-i-Azam University

    Is is ranked as one of the top 10 Asian universities by QS in natural sciences category for the year 2010. It was also ranked between 100-200 among QS world top universities in the year 2007 and 2009. Pakistan higher education commission ranked first in general category. This prestigious record makes Quaid-e-Azam one of the most reputed institute of the region having more than 80 % faculty members with overseas experience.

    Quaid-i-Azam University Contact Information

    Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad,
    45320, Pakistan.
    Tel : +92-051 9064 0000
    Official Website:

    More about University

    There are number of services offered by university to its students. Facilities include highly equipped class rooms, very advanced labs and libraries with modern support system. There are separate hostels for the male and female students. Other facilities include play fields, sports, transportation, mosque, bank, shops, post office, photo copy shop, canteen, stationary shop and cafe.

    Our government must pay attention to upgrade and facilitate these well knows institutes along with laying the foundation of new institute as well.
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    Low Standard of Education and Research in Our Country Pakistan

    Low Standard of Education and Research in Our Country

    In Pakistan, students are generally unable to learn and understand crucial analysis. This is the most unfortunate fact about graduates and postgraduate students in Pakistan. They don’t really understand the basic concepts and meanings of researches and analysis. If we examine our exams conducting system, we came to know that when we collect some often repeated questions from the past five year plan to make a guess paper of the next paper, almost 75% of that guess paper will be correct.

    It makes the students lazy and less hard working. They just have to pick up a selective portion to pass the exam, no need to study the entire syllabus or learn. In Pakistan, from matriculation to masters it works as a lot. The academy system is on its peak, now-a-days.

    Students don’t have to wait till the end of year to find out the selective questions to prepare, this job is done by an academician at very beginning. When the selective portion is found, students have to memorize it. Only few students learn and understand the concepts and formulas while the majority of the students just do cramming.

    Due to the lack of learning, when we analyze the candidates in a job market, they don’t know the basics of their subjects. They may be the students who passed with first division; it is possible only due to their ability to memorize topics. Actually, the grading system is based on the ability of a student to memorize syllabus, it is not based upon the creativity and innovation.

    The researches start from graduate and postgraduate level, but it is not the right thing, researches must be initialized from college level to make students sharp. If we start researches from smaller level, the students of postgraduate don’t have to struggle hard to understand the basics of researches. Research is concerned with the thinking and creativity of students, not with the purchases of equipments and labs basically.

    Therefore all the students from Masters to the PhD level must have the concepts of critical thinking; we should introduce a basic and compulsory course for this purpose. It is common that the students coming from conservative regions of society face many problems of adjustments in the area of research. Unfortunately, Pakistani students wanted to answer in detailed manner, they hesitate to answer the hypothetical questions. It is difficult to change the level of thinking of the entire society; we have to take a start from individual level.

    Researches are of vital importance as discovery and inventions are the measures to make an unaware person to aware of the facts. The field of science flourish when new finding are added to the already known facts. Substandard researches are unable to fulfill this purpose. The first thing to keep in mind is the construction of hypothesis, when starting a new research thesis. The second point is to write the findings of the thesis in a scientific manner. The next hurdle is that the students are not so efficient in English. To reduce these hurdles, the universities should teach research writing and English language in a better way.
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    BISE Gujranwala Board 9th 10th Class Date Sheet 2015

    BISE Gujranwala Board 9th and 10th class (Matric) Date Sheet 2015

    The students of the classes 9th and 10th who are appearing in the examination of board under the BISE Gujranwala continue to ask when the board will release the date sheet. It is to announce that the board of intermediate and secondary education Gujranwala is looking forward to conduct the examination in the month of March however the date sheet has not been released yet.

    The papers are supposed to be started from the first week of March 2015 which will continue the whole month. Class 10th will be appearing in the examination first and then the examination of the class 9th will be conducted by the board in different examination centers in the jurisdiction of the board. The insider tells us that the board is very likely to release the detailed schedule of the examination in the first week of February 2015.

    We are trying to get any official word from the board but no officials talked to us. As soon as we get any official announcement about the date sheet of the board, we will be bringing it directly to you. For the time being, all the students must focus on the examinations preparations which will set the base for their future life.

    The board of intermediate and secondary education Gujranwala is one of the eight education boards of Punjab Province of Pakistan. The government of Punjab’s ministry of education is the organizing body of the board. The jurisdiction has been allocated to the board and the board’s basic responsibility is to conduct the SSC and HSSC examination annually in its jurisdiction.

    The board has a mission to provide the students with the quality education having international standards. The board every year deals with thousands of students from its jurisdiction in intermediate and secondary examination. All the schools and colleges who want their students to appear in the board’s examination as regular students are supposed to be affiliated with the board which can be done by paying an annual fee of affiliation.

    Jurisdiction is that region which is being covered by the Board and it conducts the annual examination of SSC and HSSC for the students in those regions. The jurisdiction of the board is Gujranwala District, Gujrat District, Hafizabad District, Narowal District, Sialkot District and Mandi Bahauddin District.

    The board after conducting the examinations takes three months to compile the result and as soon as the result is finalized, it is released to the public and on the internet on the official website of the board. We wish you all the best for your examination.
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    BISE Faisalabad Board 9th 10th Class Date Sheet 2015

    BISE Faisalabad Board Matric Part 1 Part2 Date Sheet 2015

    Every year, a large number of the students appear in the board examinations of 9th and 10th classes which are conducted by the board of intermediate and secondary education Faisalabad. The board conducts the examinations in the month of March and same is supposed to be repeated this year but the students are always curious to know about the exact date of the examination on which the exams are going to start.

    Well this is to inform them, the board is all set to start the examinations of matriculation in the month of March. The first week of the march is when the students of 10th class will be appearing in their final examination which will follow by the examinations of 9th class. The students are supposed to focus on their preparation of the examination as the detailed schedule is yet to be announced by the board.

    We are trying to get an official statement from the officials of the board but unfortunately, no one has time to talk to us. We will update you as soon as the date sheet of these two classes is released. All you have to do is to keep visiting us from time to time. The inside reporter has suggested that the board is supposed to release the date sheet in the first week of February 2015.

    The board of intermediate and secondary education is known as the governing body for the conduction of examination of class 10 and 12 in the jurisdiction allocated to the board. The board was established in 1988 after the bifurcation of Board of intermediate and secondary education Sargodha. The board was previously under the Sargodha board and from the day of its establishment the board is working efficiently for the education system of the region.

    The jurisdiction includes those areas which are covered by any board and the jurisdiction of BISE Faisalabad includes Faisalabad district, Jhang District, Chiniot district and Toba Tek Singh district. All the students from the above mentioned areas are dealt with BISE Faisalabad. 

    The students are supposed to work hard as the matriculation will set the base of their lives. Their good grades will ensure good colleges in intermediate and good grades in intermediate will ensure good universities and they will help the nation to stand on its own. This is the foundation step and if the step is laid properly, the building will be great. 

    We wish you all the best of luck for the examinations of the 9th and 10th Class.
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    BISE Sargodha Board 9th 10th class date sheet 2015

    BISE Sargodha Board 9th 10th (matric) class date sheet 2015

    Those student who continue to ask that when the examination of the class 9th and 10th will be conducted by the board of intermediate and secondary education Sargodha must know that the examination are set to be started in the first week of march.

    The board will most probably release the date sheets of the 9th and 10th class in the first week of February 2015 and the internal reporters are suggesting that the papers of 10th class will start on 3rd March 2015 and they will continue till the mid of the march. Once the board will be done with the examination of the students of the 10th class, the class 9 will be in the line for their examination.

    The board every year conducts the examination of SSC and HSSC in the jurisdiction and is working under the management of the provincial government. The board of intermediate and secondary education Sargodha is one of the largest boards among the eight boards of the education in Punjab Province of Pakistan. The organizing body of the board is the education ministry of the Punjab government.

    The board has been working for the betterment of the education sector from the very day of its working. The Board was established under the increasing number of students from the Sargodha region and under the West Pakistan board of Intermediate and secondary education a need of separate board was noticed.

    Under this condition, the board for Sargodha and adjacent regions was established back in 1968. The mission of the Sargodha board is to help the education of the region by developing an educational system and examination system which is fair and transparent. The board is striving hard to develop the examination system which is up to the international standards.

    Every year board starts the process with the registration of the candidates from all the schools which are working in the region and are affiliated with the board. The candidates have to pay certain amount of fee for the registration and then school released the roll number slips after the announcement of the examinations. Once the board conducts the examination, the papers are then go into the checking phase which is very crucial. To avoid any kind of irregularity, the board invest proper time to produce error free results.

    Once the results are finalized, the board then announces the date and uploads the result on the official website of the board from where students can download their detailed results. As soon as we get the official date sheet for SSC part 1 and 2, we will be bringing it right away to you.
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    BISE Lahore Board 9th 10th Class Date Sheet 2015

    BISE Lahore Board 9th 10th Class (matric) Date Sheet 2015

    The students of matriculation are approaching to the examination season and March has become a nightmare for the students in which they are to appear in the examination of 9th and 10th class under Lahore board of intermediate and secondary education. BISE Lahore is also considered as one of the toughest boards of Punjab in terms of the rules and marking. Every year millions of students appear in the examination conducted by the board.

    The date sheet for the examination of 9th and 10th class is near to be released. The first week of February is very crucial about the release. Like every year, the examination of 10th class will start earlier than 9th class. The reports are suggesting that the board is going to conduct the examination of 10th class from 3rd march 2015. We have tried to contact the official person from the board to have a word on the topic but they refused to give any date.

    Whichever the date may be, one thing is sure and that is examinations will be conducted in March. Students must not worry about the exact date and should focus on the preparation of the board examinations on which there future is going to depend. The board after conducting the examinations will be releasing the results after two to three months. The process takes time as the board has to check millions of papers of each subject and any error in the result can cause a student its future.

    The board of intermediate and secondary education Lahore is one of the educational board located in the provincial headquarters in Punjab province of Pakistan. The ministry of education which is working under the government of Punjab is the organizing body of the board. The basic most responsibilities of the board is to conduct the annual SSC and HSSC examination in the jurisdiction. The jurisdiction of the Lahore board is Lahore district, Sheikhupura district, Nankana Sahib District and Okara district.

    The board is working with a mission of providing the residents of its jurisdiction with the best quality education that matches the international standards and for that they have been trying many new methodologies which are being tried in the modern world. The Lahore board is also the oldest board among the nine boards of the Punjab and that is why it is properly managed board.

    We will bring you the exact date sheet once the board makes its official. Till then, all you have to do is to study hard and continue visiting us.
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    Fertility rate is decreased in Pakistan

    Fertility rate is decreased in Pakistan

    Pakistan has finally showed some improvement in decreasing the fertility rate due to the effect of the trends of the family planning being inculcated in families. According to a survey, the fertility rate has been decreased to 3.8 births per woman with the acceptance of the family planning in the modern families. The trend has been increased up to 54 percent.

    The survey was launched by National Institute of Population Studies named as “the Pakistan Health and demographic survey” in a ceremony in Islamabad Wednesday. The findings of the survey said that the fertility rate of women in Pakistan has been decreased from 5.4 births per woman to 3.8 births and the reason is the acceptance of the family planning in the modern families.

    The survey stated the facts about the mortality rate and said that one in fourteen child do not see their first birthday and one in every eleven kids dies before reaching the age of 5. The survey said that the 8 percent of the total women of aging 15 to 19 are either pregnant or mothers. The survey added that teen fertility has been decreased from 16 percent in 1990 to 8 percent till today.Young motherhood is highest in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (10 %) province and the least in the Gilgit Baltistan region (7 %).

    Twenty five percent of the total women of age 25 to 49 were married by the age of 18 and 54 percent of them were married by 20. This shows that the age of the first marriage in the country is rising.
    The survey also said that 4 percent of the currently married women and 3 percent of the currently married men are in polygynous unions.
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    ECNEC to give 0.1 Million Laptops to the University Students

    The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) to give 0.1 Million laptops to the University Students

    ECNEC acclaimed ten projects and allocated 218.554 billion rupees in water, irrigation, power, infrastructure and education sector. It also announced to distribute 100000 laptops to the students under the laptop distribution scheme of Prime Minister for youth. ECNEC held a meeting with Finance Minister Ishaq Dar in Islamabad.

    It was decided in the meeting that 100000 laptops will be purchased at a cost of 4 billion rupees to distribute them among all PhDs, graduates, masters and students doing diploma in Engineering from Polytechnic. ECNEC also determined to distribute these laptops to the needy and willing students who did not have this facility. 

    The Ministry of Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan sponsored a project, “Basic Education for ALL” for educating people of the region of Azad Kashmir by opening schools in that area, this project was accepted by the meeting. They earmarked 1224 million rupees for this project. To accomplish the power needs of Gilgit Town, a project of 14MW Hydropower Naltar-V was also approved.

    The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) also agreed to work on the project of 150 MW Sharmai Hydropower project in Upper Dir, the other projects of 132 MW Shogo-Sen project and 144 MW Shushgai-Zhendoli Project in Chitral was also approved.

    For increasing the capacity of Mangla Power station from 1000 MW to 1310 MW, ECNEC also gave its approval for the renovation and advancement of the limits of Mangla Power Station. It accepted to complete the Kachhi Canal Project Phase-1; it would be completed in December this year.

    Fifteen billion rupees would be given to the people of Balochistan by the Federal Government on the behalf of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The construction of Shadi Kaur Storage Dam was also approved by ECNEC. The additional work suggested by Balochistan costing 6522.81 million rupees was also commended.
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    Super computers coming in educational institutes of United Kingdom

    Super computers coming in educational institutes of United Kingdom

    When we talk about technology first thing which pops up in our mind is computer. Computers are of various type but most superior and high performance computers on earth are called as super computers. Super computers have best processing capacity and calculation speed on earth. They are very costly but some best educational institutes are spending millions on them. University of Southampton spent approx 3.2 million pounds on a super computer, one of the most high performance machine in the United Kingdom.

    It is one of the best and superior machines in United Kingdom having 12200 processors, each of them can do one trillion calculations per second and it’s Iridis4. It measurement is referred to as a “teraflop”. Other specifications are million gigabytes of storage disk space and 50 tera bytes of memory which is a wonder in itself. Its manufacturer is IBM. Usually in our homes the general capacity ranges from 500 GB to 1 TB of disk space and 4 Gb to 6 GB of memory.

    University arranged this machine for the academics to work on the projects and tasks with more efficiency and speed. Management is hopeful to have fruitful results. One of the professor said
    “Staying ahead of the game in high performance computing HPC is vital to help the university stay competitive. “Simulation and computation enabled by HPC are recognised globally as the third pillar of modern research and this investment will ensure we remain world leaders in this field.”

    The usage of this super computer will be in multi dimensions majorly research in fields of engineering, medicine, computer science, information technology and archaeology. Every developing nation is focusing on technology development especially in the field of computers. The most powerful super computer is considered as Tianhe-2. This beast can perform 33860 trillion calculations per second.

    University also said that this machine is among the top 10 of UK. The best and powerful among all super computers in UK is at the Science and Technology council in Warrington. There is presence of super computer in other places like University of Edinburgh, the European centre of Media Range weather forecasts and United Kingdom meteorological office.
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    BISE Mardan Board Matric Result 2016

    BISE Mardan Board Matric Result 2016

    If you are here to find out the result of the Mardan board of intermediate and secondary education for the matric class, then you are at right place for it. The board of Mardan will hopefully announce the result by the end of June 2016, for matric class of the academic year 2016.

    BISE Mardan Board Matric Result 2016

    We cannot say for sure that when exactly in the end of the June but one thing is for sure that the result will soon get to us. We have been trying to get in touch with the administration of the board to get the exact date but no one has contacted us yet. Once we get anything official that will be coming your way straight away.

    BISE Mardan Board Matric Result 2016

    The board conducted the examination of matric back in March and the students have been waiting for the result to be declared for three months. The board takes time as much as it is required because in hustle, they cannot risk any one future. One minor mistake can lead to the serious blunder and can affect someone’s future thus the board checks each and every paper with utmost care which takes time.

    The board is one of the boards in KPK province of Pakistan and from the formation it has been working for the education of the jurisdiction which has been allotted to the board by the provincial government. The board will upload the result on the official website of the board from where you can get it out by putting the valid roll number.

    If you are in an area where there is not internet facility then you have to go to the place where there are gazette results available. In that case you will get only the total marks but in case of official website you would be able to get the results of each subject as well. We wish you all, very best of luck for the result.
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    Habib University Karachi Racing towards Quality Education

    Habib University Karachi Racing towards quality education for all

    For the formation of idyllic society, quality education for all is the fundamental requirement. Education is very necessary for betterment of society. In last few years many universities are contributing a lot in education by giving financial assistance to deserving students. Habib University Karachi is one of them. Habib University seems to be quite ambitious in imparting knowledge to deserving students.

    They are offering financial assistance to student which is a wise step to overcome financial barriers preventing Needy students to dive in the stream of quality education have entered the thoughts of Habib University - Karachi. Resources revealed that more than 100 merit based scholarships will pave the ways for 200 students of first year batch. Furthermore, 10 percent of students will be fully funded while 80 percent will be awarded scholarships depending upon their needs.

    Habib University is providing a comprehensive helping package to the students. The financial aid package of Habib University comprises of merit-based scholarships, grants, on-campus student employment opportunities, and loans. These options are available based on the students’ requirements.

    Rafiq M. Habib Chancellor Habib University said that they are a nonprofit organization. We will impart students on subsidy in large numbers. This kind of statements injects new energy to brilliant students having limited financial resources. He also encouraged the student with his statements. He said, “As long as they have the ability to get in, money would not be a question”. APP Details on the various financial support systems are available on Habib University Scholarships.
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    Thousands of students protested outside Cairo University

    Thousands of students protested outside Cairo University

    Egyptian security forces fired to scatter the huge riot created by students outside the Cairo University. On Tuesday, 20 peers of Islamic Al-Azhar University in eastern Cairo have been arrested by security forces for making a protest against the authorities having military support. The students of the university created a huge uproar and collided with the police in support of their peers.
    In July, military removed President Mohammad Mursi from his authority, from that time the security forces started a continuous brutal crackdown against the supporters of expelled Islamist leader, they killed more than 1500 people who are the supporters of the group of the democracy biased personalities.

    10 local and 3 international rights groups emphasized Egyptian authorities for the removal of those reforms of the security agencies that made the forces less likely to answer about the brutal and immoderate use of power. They also impelled the authorities to form a committee to inform them about the investigation about the vicious crackdown situations.

    A security official informed that a day after the riots and arrests at Al-Azhar University, the students of Cairo University were so furious that they set off for a rally toward a huge area that connects the campus grounds and they were linked with a busy trading area and after that long march they collided heavily with the security forces.

    The security official also said that students were throwing water-filled plastic bags on the police and forces. In its reaction police fired tear gas on the students to scatter them, they called more vehicles with heavy weapons as troops, and the police wired the university area to stop the students’ way to the university.

    This scenario is described by a student of Cairo University, Hazen Tarek, as he said that thousands of students faced tear gas by the police when they went out with the rally to support their companions at Al-Azhar University. He said that roads were giving the look of a battlefield among students and police. In that protest, 4 students were got bruises by the hits of shotguns.

    This type of protest was not the first one, as the students also protested in the last year. At two universities in the southern city of Assuit, there was a vicious encounter between police and the students. The students throw stones on police, in the reaction police fired tear gas. 18 students were arrested in this encounter, informed by the Security official Maj. Gen. Abu el-Qassem Abu-Deif.
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    Government allocated Rs 500 million for Technical University in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa

    Government allocated Rs 500 million for technical university in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa 

    On Monday, Chief Secretary Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) announced that the government had decided to found a university for technical education in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. For this purpose government had allotted Rs 500 million to set up the university. This was announced by the chief secretary Arbab while he was chairing a heavy conference as mentioned in the official pamphlet.

    He briefed as the formation of a technical university will help the students of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa in terms of technical education, also the experts could get benefit of it. He also said that certain donating firms were showing their interests to aid this programme. The government designated Rs 500 in this Annual Development Programme. 

    It was informed by the provincial director general of technical education and manpower, Professor Shakil Ahmad that the decision of the formation of the technical university was taken by last government and paper work started very earlier but the construction could not begin at that moment. He also briefed that the present government take this project on serious note and allocate money for it. He said that this university will be formed by the technical support and financial aids by foreign agencies, in this way it will be assured to give it international standard to provide quality technical education. 

    Arbab also said that the governor of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa gave his resources to the law department, although the government already approved National Qualification Framework for this programme. The chief secretary Arbab came to know about that a German company GIZ would aid RS 46 million for the computers, generators and photocopiers for this university, meanwhile a Japanese company JICA had granted Rs 205 million for the machinery and other equipments and essentials for this technical university, which will be very beneficial for the university to establish properly.
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    The Act of Higher Education Commission (HEC)

    The act of Higher Education Commission (HEC): eliminated the students and staff members in Sindh Universities 

    There are 400 German and French scholarships and also the Prime Minister’s Fee Reimbursement Scheme for under developed areas, now-a-days present in our country. German and French scholarships do not include any university of Sindh on the second one excluded medical, general-subjects and engineering universities of Karachi and Jamshoro.

    Check PEC 8th Class Result 2017 Online by Entering Your Roll Number Here

    Dr Ahsan, the general secretory of Fapuasa complained and said about this situation that HEC always neglected the universities of Sindh, in scholarships, research and travel aids and development budgets. He also criticized HEC as, from the formation of HEC, it always distinguished Sindh in the division of aids and resources.

    In the section of foreign scholarships, the HEC announced 200 French and German scholarships in the need-based scholarship programme. These schemes included undergraduate and postgraduate students of 10 selected universities from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab and Balochistan but none of any university of Sindh was included.

    The representator of the teachers of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET), Dr Arshad Memon mentioned that foreign scholarships provide chances to the students to study in western developed countries, whereas the HEC scholarships provide the students with the opportunities to study in less developed countries.

    In this way students more likely wanted to pick up foreign scholarships as compare to the HEC scholarship. Shabbir Khuharo, civil engineering lecturer at MUET said that it would be very good if German and French scholarships are given to the students of Sindh because only Brunei and Hong Kong offer scholarships to the students of Pakistan including Sindh. He said that this action should be perform as HEC is somewhat bound with different boundaries and ropes like guarantees and post-qualification service.

    As far as prime minister’s reimbursement scheme is concerned, the complete cost of postgraduate education of the students of somewhat poor or under developed areas of the country will be carry out by the federal government. It is a great idea for educating poor and needy students of Sindh, Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, FATA, Malakand, Kohistan, South Punjab, Dera Ismail Khan. Dr Khan Harijan, wrote a letter to the executive director of the HEC, Professor Dr Mukhtar Ahmad that a major part of the students (about 95%) of backward areas of Sindh study in MUET, Jamshoro.

    This letter was written in the scenario that HEC covered all areas of Sindh but excluded Karachi and Jamshoro. This act of HEC disappointed a huge strength of the students of Sindh University so far. A student of MSC natural sciences, Amir Wachuho expressed his depression as, some of the students tried to get the aid but it was an unsuccessful approach, as we were told that the students of Sindh University are not included in the list for the HEC scholarship.

    Apart from the entire depressing situation for the students of Sindh, the HEC was not available to give their comments about it. It was informed by Dr Memon that the members of association of Sindh held a teleconference and they demanded an inquiry of HEC scholarship programme to seek the issues and solve them. The Fapuasa showed lust to the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to take a notice of unfairness of HEC.
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    Iqra University to be ranked the no 1 University working in Sindh

    Iqra University stand at ranked no 1 University working in Sindh

    The Charter Inspection and Evaluation Committee (CIEC), Government of Sindh issued the list of evaluation of the performance of all the working  universities of sindh province, in which it ranked Iqra university on the top and Princeton University at the last. Governor of the province of Sindh permitted the list and ranked the universities of the province as per their performances recorded.

    The Charter Inspection and Evaluation Committee (CIEC), Government of Sindh ranked the universities of Sindh as per their ranking, the list was made according to the numbers awarded to the universities. In the list the no 1 university was the Iqra University, Institute of Business Management (IBM) at no2, Karachi Institute of Economics (KIE) was at third number, Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science of Technology (SZABIST) was at fourth number and Institute of Business and Technology (IOBM) was at fifth number. One Institute and five Universities have been ranked 6 stars.

    In the list issued by the Charter Inspection and Evaluation Committee (CIEC) ranked only one university, which is Princeton University, the 3 stars. Meanwhile three institutes have been graded 4 stars, the list of these universities are: Dadabhoy Institute of Higher education at no twenty, COMMECS institute at no twenty-one and Princeton Institute at no twenty-second.

    The Committee graded 5 stars to 14 universities and educational institutions. The list includes Hamdard University at sixth rank, Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET) at rank seven, Textile Institute of Pakistan (TIP) at eight, Greenwich University at nine, New Port Institute of Communication and Economics (NIPC) at ten, Muhammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU) at rank eleven, Isra University Hyderabad at twelve, Zia-uddin University thirteenth, Baqai University at rank fourteen, Jinnah University for Women fifteenth, Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture at sixteen, Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari (KASB) Institute of Technology seventeenth, Zia University at eighteen and Indus University at nineteen.
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    Golden 150-years of Government College University

    The golden 150-years of Government College University completed on January 01, 2014

    The great and higher learning centre of Pakistan, the Government College University Lahore become 150-years-old on Wednesday. The remarkable efforts were made by university and Old Ravians Union as they planned to beautify this event by their intellectual, co-curricular and communal activities.
    Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rehman announced that 2014 is a year of great celebrations for all Ravians and Old Ravians at international level, the celebrations began at grand ceremony at the GCU Oval Ground from Wednesday.

       The Vice Chancellor recalled the history of GCU, he said that it came into being on January 1, 1864 in the palace of Dhian Singh in Walled City as Government College, Lahore. At the start the College was affiliated with Calcutta University due to the reason that there was no any other university was present on that time at this part of the sub-continent. The present mysterious-looking grand building of the GC University Lahore was completed in 1877, it was on 3700 square feet in the north of Soldiers Garden (Gol Bagh) with Rs 320,000 cost.

    The Government College, Lahore became GC University in 2002, when its status was raised to the university. This superior institution is served by 27 heads, from first principle Dr G.W Lietner to second Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rehman.

    While talking to media, Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman talked about the4 greatness of the institute that this institution progressed so well that it produced hundred of literary figures, politicians, two Nobel Laureates, jurists, sportsmen, scientists and four prime ministers, while the institute was started in 1864 with just nine students and three teachers.

    He said that the college was founded on the pattern of great Cambridge and Oxford Universities. He said that it was in the historical records that the decision was made to give 10 to 15 million rupees scholarships annually to all the students of this college.
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    University of Health Sciences Approve Rs 521.98 Million Budget

    University of Health Sciences to approve Rs 521.98 million budget

    Finance Minister Senator Muhammad Ishaq Dar presided over the 32nd Board of Governors meeting of University of Health Sciences Lahore held at the University campus Lahore. Justice (R) Amer Raza Khan, Prof Amer Aziz, Mehar Jewan Khan and the representatives of the Government of Punjab and Secretary Law of Government of Punjab also attended the meeting by special invitations. The board acclaimed some of the appointment on contracts to different positions that includes faculty and administrative staff. The Board also approved with small changes in the budget of Rs.521.982 million.

    The board solved a heavy agenda and also overview the performance of the University, as they confirmed the minutes of its last meeting. The Vice Chancellor Professor Muhammad Aslam notified the board of the progress of the University of Health Sciences during the last one year while his main focus was on its forerunner Kala Shah Kaku Campus on which the work was controlled by it.

    The board was also updated that the University had improved its overall rating in Higher Education Commission Quality Assurance and Research Ranking 2013. It was also apprised that the University was now at sixth position among all the highest educations working in the country. 

    While talking about the importance of the medicine and health standards which can be maintained by the high standard of the university, the Finance Minister craved the Board to maintain the highest merits of the University of Health Sciences, in this way this important field of medicine and health which is at this time one of the top most important preferences of the present government can be improve its service delivery. He also said that in this way we are better able to provide quality and affordable facilities to the common man for the well being of the country.
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    Karachi University to Conduct Exams Despite Riots

    Karachi University to Conduct Exams Despite Riots

    The University of Karachi has decided to conduct the examination which was scheduled on Saturday morning despite the tense situation in the area and roadblocks in the region. The law and order situation was tensed earlier on Saturday when three people were killed near Maskan Intersection in Gulshan e Iqbal. There were also the killings of two students near Moti Mahal which evoked the protests while majority of the students had left homes for the university.
    The demonstration was quite destructive as the protestors blocked the road, burned the tyres and threw stones on the cars. All the area from Sohrab Goth to Nipa Intersection was blocked by the demonstrators. The local law and order controlling authorities were not located on the sight and later rangers took the control of the region to maintain the situation.

    The situation has been quite tense lately and many students are not supposed to come to the university to appear in the examination as there ways to university are not safe. They are staying home as they cannot manage to get to the university but the university is not going to postpone the examination which has created different situation for the students.

    The controller of the examination of Karachi University, Dr Muhammad Arshad Azmi said that it takes a lot of money and effort to manage an examination of a large number of students so we cannot postpone the whole examination and we hope that the students can get to the university safe. However those who will not be able to manage to get to the university will be facilitated later.
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    PEC Mianwali 5th 8th Class Result 2016 Punjab Examination Commission

    Punjab Examination Commission Mianwali Board 5th 8th Grade Result 2016

    The Mianwali district is divided into three tehsils named as Isakhel, Piplan and Mianwali. The total area covered by the district is 5,840 square kilometers with a population of 1.4 million. There are Punjabi Speaking people (72.4 %), Saraiki Speaking (12 %) Pashto (10%) and others (6%). The Punjabi dialects which are found in the region are Jandali/Rohi (Majority speaks this dialect), Awankari, Shapuri, Thalochi and Majhi. Pashto is also spoken bu sizeable population due to the region;s nearness with the KPK province. Every year primary and middle examination results are declared in March, this year too 5th class result 2016 and 8th class result 2016 are expected to be announced in the last week of March.

    PEC is the autonomous body of elementary level education system to came to existance in 2005 and take first time ever 5th grade examination in the year 2006. PEC 5th 8th class are the biggest exams in the province which is most populated exams in the region, More then millions of candidates appeared in these exams.

    Mianwali district is a a district located in the northwest of the Punjab Province of Pakistan, The district has a capital Minawali City. Punjab Examination Commission has been conducted the examinations in the month of Fenruary. First exam was conducted from the V Grade on 6th February while the last paper was mathematics which was conducted on 14th of February 2016.

    The geographical boundary of the Mianwali Distrct is ithe Pothohar Plateau in the north and Kohistan-e-namak. Mianwali district has extreme climates with a long summer which is dry and hot. Winders are also dry and cold. The area had been a thick forest and cultivated in the Indus valley civilization. Region was there in the era of Alexander the Macedonian. All the major dynasties and empires that overcame India ruled this region including Delhi Sultanate and Mughal Empire. Being muslim majority the district came under Pakistan at the time of partition.

    The Punjab Examination Commission conduct the examinations in the month of February after which students are very curious about their upcoming 5th class result 2016 and 8th class result 2016.The V grade papers starts on 6th February while the VIII Grade examinations conducted on 11 February 2016. After the completion of these exams PEC is working hard to provide the results on time. The PEC Muzaffargarh 5th Class Result 2016 and PEC Muzaffargarh 8th class Result 2016 both will announce on 31st March 2016 according to our information source.

    The area is divided into major clans which are Niazi and Awan tribes. They are dominant in different regions of the districts. There are many places of interest as well like Kalabagh dam (40 km north of mianwali city). The dams ite is between the beautiful mountains narrowing downwards. Chashma barrage and its associated lake is also very beautiful. Jinnah barrage, Thal Desert and Namal Lake is also a places of interest.

    Education system of the district is getting better by every day passing. Namal Colllege which is afflilated with University of Bradford has been established by Imran Khan who is the world known cricketer. He belongs to this area.

    You will able to check your results online on Pakistan rising number one website of Education at . We will update this page with result 2016 once it announce officially. We wish you all candidates best of luck for your up-coming results 2016. Stay tune with us to update yourself with latest up-going events regarding your Board, School, College and University.
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    Alumni Conference was organized in Shah Abdul Latif University

    Alumni Conference was organized in Shah Abdul Latif University

    The first ever Alumni conference was organized by the Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai University Khairpur on Thursday. Alumni conference is the one in which the passed out graduates are called for the re union at the campus so that the on campus students and the faculty of the university can get updates about their graduates, where they have been working and further joint ventures involving the alumni are started.

    Check PEC 8th Class Result 2017 Online by Entering Your Roll Number Here

    The platform of Alumni has been very effective and is one of the modern trends in many main stream universities that the university keep the alumni involved in various projects on campus. The first ever conference was held in Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur which was presided by Prof Dr. Parveen Shah, Vice Chancellor, SALU, Khairpur.

    Among the guests of honor, there was Syed Javed Ali Shah Jillani former MNA was the Chief Guest. Mr. Nisar Ahmed Siddiqui, Director, Sukkur, IBA, Prof Dr. Azra Peter Meadows from University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK and Engineer Ghulam Sarwar Kandhar, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Mehran Engineering University, Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Campus, Khairpur

    Dr Parveen Shah who is the Vice Chancellor of the university said in his address that the university is known by its research, teaching and teaching outcomes and we are working hard to give our maximum to the world. She added that the extracurricular activities are equally important along with the curricular activities and university is focusing on both of them and managing to provide the students with the best facilities possible.
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    5th 8th Class Result 2016 PEC Kasur District

    Punjab Examination Commission Kasur Board 5th 8th Class Result 2016

    Kasur is one of the districts in the Punjab province and is located on the Indian border. It was elevated to the district level in July 1976, before that it was a tehsil of Lahore district. Famous Sufi poet Baba Bulleh Shah was born in this city and that is the reason of its being famous all over the Pakistan. Every year primary and middle examination results are declared in March, this year too 5th class result 2016 and 8th class result 2016 are expected to be announced in the last week of March.

    PEC is the autonomous body of elementary level education system to came to existance in 2005 and take first time ever 5th grade examination in the year 2006. PEC 5th 8th class are the biggest exams in the province which is most populated exams in the region, More then millions of candidates appeared in these exams.

    The enrollment season has been over in last year 10th October 2013 and date sheet has been announced in the month of January according to which first exam was conducted from the V Grade on 6th February while the last paper was mathematics which was conducted on 14th of February 2016.

    The kasur district is divided into 4 tehsils named as Chunian, Kasur, Kot Radha Kishan and Pattoki. The total area of the district is 3,995 square kilometers with the population of 2,912,000. 95% of the population speaks the Majhi dialect of the Punjabi language. Among other dialects being spoken are Malwi.

    Punjab Examination Commission Districts

    BhakkarKhushabRahimyar Khan
    D G KhanLodhranSahiwal
    FaisalabadMandi BahauddinSargodha
    GujratMultanToba Tek Singh
    JehlumNankana SahibSheikhupura

    The region is about 198 meters above the sea level and has sandwiched betweenthe ravi river and the Sutlej River. The region was ruled by the Sultan mehmood Ghaznavi when he made his empire in the India. Later the area was ruled by Delhi Sultanate and Mughal era. The area become thickly populated with Muslim majority by the efforts of Muslim Sufi missionaries.

    Most prominent places to go to while visiting kasur iw the shrine f baba Bulleh Shah (One of the greates Sufi poets), ganda Singh Border (Indo pak border), balloki headworks, Chanag manga Forest and Rana resort. Pattoki which is a tehsil of Qasur district is known for its flowers.

    There are many educational institutes in the district serving for the educational desires of the inhabitants. Some of them are University of veterinary and Animal Sciences Pattoki, Govt Degree college for boys, Govt Islamia college Kasur, School of Nursing, DHQ hospital Kasur etc.

    The PEC has announce the results after the completion of exams. Normally it takes 1 and half month to announce PEC Kasur 5th class result 2016 and PEC Kasur 8th Class result 2016. Yet no official announcement has been made but according to our resource the PEC result 2016 will available to check online on 31st of March 2016. So, Stay tune with us to check your result 2016 here on We wish you a very best of luck for your up-coming PEC Results 2016.
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