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Class Results 2016

Pakistan Class Results 2016

Pakistan has a vast variety of education and there are some great institutes which are famous for their results and the professionals they have produced but the basic education system from which almost every Pakistani passes (other than Cambridge students) is the primary, middle, matriculation and intermediate examination.

Let’s have a brief look on the different courses Pakistani Education system offers and their results for this year.

Primary (5th class)

Primary is the basis most passing level which is class 5th in which the students from the government schools have to sit in an exam conducted by the respective board. The examination is conducted in the month of February and the result is declared before the end of March. In 2016, the results were announced on March 31.


Middle (8th class)

Middle is the second stage of passing level in the education system which is 8th class. The students who have studied different subjects in general have to appear in the board examination conducted by the board. The examination of 8th class is conducted right after the examination of 5th class and the result is declared along with the result of 5th class before the end of May. The result of 8th class has been declared in March 2016.


Secondary (10th class)

Secondary education is the basic most examination in Pakistani education which is pre requisite for anyone to be a college student. The examination of the matriculation is conducted in March an the results are declared by the end of July or in the start of the August. In 2016, the results are yet to be announced and will be declared within a couple of weeks from now.


The students of matriculation can have different subject categories.

  • General Science
  • Arts
  • Science
  • Intermediate

Intermediate is an education between matriculation and the professional university degree (bachelors). After the results of the matriculation are out, the students are admitted in the colleges for the intermediate degree. The boards conduct the examination of intermediate in the months of May and June and then result is declared by the end of September and August. The students can have the following different majors in their intermediate degree

  1. Pre Medical : Those who want to join medicine as a profession in future.
  2. Pre Engineering : Those who want to be engineers in the future.
  3. I.Com : Those who want to study commerce and business in the future.
  4. ICS: Those who want to pursue computer science in their professional degrees.

  1. General Science
  2. Arts
  3. Entry Test Examinations

Up till here the Boards of intermediate and secondary education is done, then comes the role of different universities who conduct their entrance examination for the entrance of different 4 years courses. Some of the major degrees offered are:

Medical College Admission Test (MCAT):

It is medical college entrance test which is conducted for all the MBBS and BDS seats in the province by a university. All the public sector medical colleges enroll the students through this test.

Engineering College Admission Test (ECAT):

It is engineering college entrance test which is conducted by an engineering university and all the pre engineering students appear in the test for getting admissions in the engineering degree in the public sector universities.

Independent tests: Many different private and public sector universities who offer degrees other than medical and engineering conduct their own independent entrance examination for the admissions.