Fee Hike Issue Gaining Ground: inquiry starts

Las week, we see the parents chanted slogans against the sudden and unusual hike in school by three schools of Karachi, the demand which not possible for the middle class parents who are already striving hard in this era of inflation. Recently on the demand of public, The Competition Commission of Pakistan has started inquiry over this matter on the Government’s order.

The Competition Commission of Pakistan has started inquiry into the matter of undue fee hike and adding multiple anonymous heads in the fee challan, however parents of students believe that the private schools need someone like Ayesha Mumtaz (of Food Security Campaign) to check hefty school fees and substandard education.

The commission has received thousands of complaints against the raise in fee by private schools across the country. The CCP is receiving complaints from each and every corner of the country on daily basis because of which the scope of inquiry into fee raise issue has been broaden and the CCP would look into the matter across the country.

We should admire the efforts of parent’s of Karachi who enlighten this injustice by private schools as school fee undue hiking.

The CCP is looking from many angles while conducting the inquiry of school fee raise as the nature of complaints varies from across the country. In order to ensure transparency into the matter the CCP would look into the matter thoroughly however the source said he could not give any deadline to finalize the inquiry.

A mother of a student told the media in Islamabad that school management handed her over the fee challan worth Rs80000 for two months and I was shocked to see the fee voucher. The school management is charging Rs39000 tuition fee, Rs19500 annual charges, Rs18600 books charges, Rs2298 advance tax and Rs600 for generator charges.

 She also said that it is becoming very hard for parents to send their kids in good private schools as they keep increasing fees on regular basis and if someone has more than one kid then it would become further difficult to send them in private school.

The point of ponder is all private schools are charging taxes from parents while collecting school fees, however majority of these schools do not pay taxes to the Government. I think it’s a questioning situation especially on the working of FBR, who for a long time let them doing business unchecked. Even the schools are receiving advance tax on challan forms, why did not banks aware the tax authorities.

Similarly the government too is not serious in monitoring the private schools as it has created Private Education Institution Regulatory Authority But the its head is still not appointed to tackle the issues related to the complaints and allegation on private school mafia.

Many of the parent’s has decided not to send their children to school because the fee is now beyond their affordability. This is alarming. Only the appointment of commission in not necessary but the proper inquiry and implementation of suggestions in badly needed.

Anti Dengue Spray made students unconscious

In Jhelum after a spray during anti dengue campaign, the number of school girls who fell unconscious after an anti-dengue fumigation campaign being carried out at their school has risen to over 70.

The incident took place at the Domaili Girls High School Jhelum and the affected students were rushed to a local hospital for immediate treatment.

The Punjab Government had actually ordered to spray in all the schools as part of anti dengue campaign to secure the children in school environment from the effect of dengue. After the spray when the female students came to classes, they start feeling difficulty in breathing. After one another, same condition emerged from many classes,  the TV channels today showed the situation in the hospitals where the people are rushing with their children and female students in uniform are crying, taking oxygen masks.

The tragedy is this is not the first incident, on Thursday 10 September 2015, in a similar incident 120 school girls in Jand district of Attock were rushed to the hospital on Thursday following an anti-dengue spray campaign at their school. Several of the girls had to be readmitted to the hospital the next day as they complained of difficulty in breathing. Even after that no concrete steps were taken and the result came in Jhelum.

After the report on electronic media, Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has taken notice of the incident and summoned a report from the education officials and concerned departments. He also said that the incident is unacceptable and directed that best medical treatment be provided to the affected. The chief minister directed the education minister, health adviser, chief secretary, health secretary and Schools Education secretary to immediately reach Jhelum.

The chief minister has also suspended the DCOs and EDOs Health of Attock and Jhelum and ordered to send the samples of anti-dengue spray in both the schools in a laboratory abroad for the clear data.

An inquiry committee has been for investigation of the incident of becoming the condition of the female students serious due to anti-dengue spray. The inquiry committee comprising Rawalpindi commissioner and Dr Wasim Akram will review every aspect of the incident and submit a report and also determine the persons responsible of negligence.

One important part of the incident is that for anti dengue campaign, the government gave the tender to private firm for the spray in schools all over the Punjab.

Now the chief minister ordered to ban all private contractors from spray any further and provincial interior ministry has also declared clause 144 to impose ban on private contractors.

The question, these are the things which need to be addressed before campaign, now the chief minister is ordering to send samples abroad for sampling and committees for investigation. Every time in every issue, same pattern has been followed, the public bears and officials just do investigations and suspend the officers.

A Walk for Literate Pakistan

On Sunday, Rotary Club Literacy Mission organized a walk with the name “w
alk for a cause” on sea view, Karachi. The aim of the walk was to promote literacy in the country. The walk was attended by former Rotarians, Academicians and children of many schools. The participants emphasized on the importance of literacy, the literacy condition in the country and the need to promote it. The participant also carried with them flags, banners to make the walk more effective and chanted slogans for Pakistan.

The Rotarian members also argued that although its 6th of September (the Defense day) but Literacy is as important as Defense for the country. The walk and theme was the unique one because the culture of such walks and voice for literacy is very rare in our country.

Pakistan is currently performing behind form neighboring countries in Literacy. Pakistan’s current literacy rate is 72 %, which is ten points behind the India whose literacy rate is nearly 82 % and China’s literacy rate is 98%, Sri Lanka which was once the most effected country with terrorism and even at present far behind to Pakistan in terms of economy and infrastructure, the literacy rate is 88 % there. The world is changing very rapidly each day, new invention drastically changing life standards, the developed countries had achieved literacy rates many years ago, that’s why now they are law abiding and educated nations working for the more better.

Without 100 % literacy the dream to shape the society on the pillars of law and justice is useless. Through the light of education people realize the importance of law, their basic rights, the importance of modern education and how to progress in the modern world. In developed countries the rate of rural areas is high even as compared to urban areas of under developing countries. The government in developed countries usually includes additional subsides in the rural schools to urge the public to send the children to schools but in our country million of children of school age are wandering in the streets which eventually become the victim of child labor or harmful activities. 60 % of our population based on youth which can become a huge asset and main force for taking country to new horizons, the need is only to invest in them, they just need proper education.

Second thing which is needed to be mentioned is the quality of education, in Literacy Rate we even count that person who can write his name but only that is not necessary. We have to shape our syllabus, aware the general public about its vital position in country’s economic race especially to the people of rural areas of Pakistan, where the literacy rate is lowest.

Our region is changing rapidly, new energy corridors, economic growth, indeed the 21st century is of Asia. How we can we sustain with such literacy rate, such education standards, such attitude towards education and such blind eye on this issue in the economic race?

BISE Lahore Board Inter Part 1 2 Result 2016

BISE Lahore Board Inter Part 1, 2 HSSC Result 2016

There are rumors that Bise Lahore will announce the result of HSSC part 1 in last week of September or first week of October. Lahore board usually conducts the exams of part 1 class in the month of may and june and after that students wait for their result anxiously because their continual of study in part 2 depends on the final result of HSSC part 1,  2 class. That’s y student remain curious about the result for a long time because their continual of study and next admissions to college level depends a lot on result.

They desperately waited for the result of the part 1 class so that they mentally relaxed and focus their further studies. In this regard board try its best to produce the results as early as possible but due to huge number of students further it does not remain possible for the board to announce the result before august. However even with these difficulties board never remain behind from other boards in producing the results.

Lahore Board Inter Part 1 Result 2016

Those students who appeared in the part 1 class exams they should get ready for the results. Board is ready to announce the results and this will be online. Every student can check his or her details at this page according to the official news. This board like others takes a great care for the students by giving them a related syllabus about papers so students can prepare their exams according to the material provided by the board officially. 

Lahore board is a trendsetter for all the other Punjab boards due to its huge and fair system. This board modifies their system according to modern educational system in short period of time. They discuss the need for reorganization and reorientation of the existing educational system. Bise Lahore pays a special attention on their educational system that will cover whole things from taking of exams to announcement of result.

All failed candidates in annual exams have a chance to improve their selves in supply exams. All the candidates who appeared in the exams they should be in touch with this page for the official announcements from the boards. So that they can check their result easily without facing any problem. All the best wishes for all those candidates who are waiting for this result that they pass it and eligible to attend next class. BISE Lahore Board Inter Part 1 HSSC Result 2016BISE Lahore Board Inter Part 1 HSSC Result 2016

Education Matters under one Ministry: Islamabad’s case

The Private Schools Network (PSN) on Monday 7th September, 2016 demanded the assigning of all matters on local education sector to one ministry for better management. The officials of PNS held a press conference in National Press Club, Islamabad.

Private Schools Networks is an association of Private schools of Pakistan to solve the problems related private schools or any other issue from a common plate forum to mitigate the difficulties faced by private schools throughout Pakistan.
PSN Central President Dr. Afzal Babur emphasized on the point that Islamabad’s educational system was in danger of collapse due to the overlapping of responsibilities of the relevant ministries.

The representatives of PNS demanded the government to entrust all matters on the capital city’s education both in the public and private sectors to one ministry to end the overlapping of responsibilities and confusion, to no avail. The current is very bad because of this administrative flaw and there is a lot of confusion for various affairs regarding to education.

Currently, the educational affairs are under the Capital Administration and Development Division, the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, and the Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination. Which is rare and definitely their demand has weight because capital development authority is no doubt from many years working for the betterment of Islamabad city but education is properly a education matters which should be under the education officials, who could understand the nature of the issue. The involvement of two ministries, Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training and the Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination’s involvement are also questioning? Ministry of Federal Education’s authority also doubts, after 18th amendment education is provincial’s issue and provinces are responsible for education and Inter Provincial co ordination Ministry should only confine their effort regarding national harmony and presenting incentives for nation unity. However Islamabad did not fall to any province so the matters related to school education would only be under the Federal Ministry of Education with complete authority for smooth running of matters.

Education is no doubt already in tough phase because of poor literacy rate, lack of funding for various school expenditures, lack of basic facilities, Millions of children are out of school due to poverty and people who are living under poverty line reluctant to send their children to school instead they want them to go to some workshop or any factory for the money so that they can meet their both ends.

Many areas of Pakistan where there is no infrastructure primary and secondary schools, especially in far away areas and villages, the private schools are the only source so Government should make the official processes for various administrative matters easy to encourage them not such confusion to make hurdles for their business. In many schools of rural areas where the public schools in urban areas are facing the problem for admitting more students because of sitting

TEENAGER Student killed his fellow girl and committed suicide

Recently news, on all sections of media shattered the general public and in every sect of society and intellectuals this news is in circles about the teenage suicide.

A boy in a private school of Karachi killed a girl by firing a shot from gun after which he also committed suicide from same gun, in the morning time when the remaining students were busy in assembly prayers. The news attracted attention of electronic media greatly, the school came into spot light, a note also found near the dead body of killed girls, which helped to resolve the case. The pair actually had in love with each other, when this news came to their parent’s attention, they got angry and forbade them to stop any kind of relation of any kind but both decided to resist in way which they showed in their school, the girl brought licensed pistol of her father and gave it to boy to kill her first, after the scene, policed reached. The primary investigation completed and after post mortem, the police handed over the bodies to their parents.

The most hilarious part of the matter is that the boy posted a status of his suicide on face book, one day before suicide but no one gave attention to it and took it as a fun. After the news, there has been a debate started all over especially on social media on the point that who is responsible for these teenagers death?

Is social media? Bollywood? Co Education? Parent’s attitude? Who is actually behind this alarming act?

Yesterday a friend of mine in a friend’s gathering was arguing with me that this is because of Bollywood films which show intense romantic stuff but the counter logic by some was that in India where with full passion teenagers see movies in cinemas and music – dance is their cultures, there such accidents are very rare on teenage level.

Secondly some sectors are constantly blaming co education for this accident but for that the counter argument is, in rural areas of Pakistan, every month we heard that pair stoned or killed for marrying without parents consent actually they did love marriage but is there any co education in village, spare co education, there is even no education culture in many remote areas, why these things are happening there?

Now, parents attitude is questioned that they have hostile attitude towards some aspects of their child’s teenage life: this thing carries logic, because parents have to realize, the world has changed now, the children are more socially active, they are maturing early because of adult content and when they get matured, then romantic films can affect their mind more easily, and they dare for such action. The note that has been found near girl’s dead body also contained such words like “papa! Mja pta ha ap meri shadi kahen aur kar dain ga ! par ma us sa bohat pyar krti hun” 

The parents also have to realize that it is not 60’s era- now maturing and socializing is common in teenage, Also society has to realize its duty to rethink and realizing the cause behind graveness of such action.

IMAM Hatip School System in Pakistan

Recently, news in media circling about establishment of imam hatip schools in Pakistan. Turkey and Pakistan have already signed a deal for the establishment of first model school in Islamabad after that more schools in other cities will be established.

But the thing which needs explanation is what actually, Imam Hatip school system’s meaning, origin and purpose -Founded in 1924 in Turkey, after the abolishment of caliphate system under the Ataturk reforms. Imam-Hatip high schools were created as vehicles to control religion by those who helped construct the modern Turkish Republic. All seminaries who were providing religious education at that time replaced by Iman- hatip school system, which are actually a blend of religious and modern world education. As the possibility to receive a religious education was placed into the larger framework of general education, imam-hatip schools became a part of the modern, classic education offered in Turkey and helping in developing a progressive face of turkey under the light of religion –these schools are actually a balance of modern education and religious one with ratio of 60% to 40 % respectively.

The science subjects including biology, mathematics and physics etc are in core curriculum of syllabus. In turkey more than 15 million students are studying in Imam- Hatip Schools, especially in rural areas the schools are more popular. With these schools in turkey, the state has a complete on authority and control on religious education with the appointment of paid religious teachers, described religious curriculum and an eye of the overall system to counter any misleading or use of religion for spreading personal ideas.

As far the quest of these schools and their introduction in Pakistan is concerned, no doubt and definitely they should be tried, because there is no concept of modern world education in our religious seminaries and actually the main issue is the religious content which has been taught there, on which Government has no control. These kinds of schools can be a replacement of seminaries in rural areas which have no modern science related aspect in their teaching and because of religious extremism in Pakistan, these kind of initiative to balance religious and modern education should be taken into account.

With this experiment, the state will be able to change the curriculum of seminaries running in the remote areas which are being used as a nursery for extremist/terrorist organization – complete sudden abolishment of seminaries with terrorism charges will be difficult for Government because of pressure from some sectors of society but changed curriculum in light of imam hatip school system will be a more secure and viable option to maintain writ in the religious seminaries.

Recently the negotiations have been complete, by a visit of Turkish delegation and their meeting with religious affairs Minister Sardar Muhammad Yousuf, for establishment of first school. Imam-Hatip schools are also working in some European countries but on a very low scale to present a modern Islamic prospective as religion. Some Pakistani students are already studying in Iman –Hatip schools in Turkey.

BISE Gujranwala Board Inter Result 2016

Education is a significant element in development of a country and nation. Pakistan is one of those countries which are devoted to spread best educational standards to their inhabitants in Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. All provinces governments have set their educational boards to conduct matriculation and intermediate examinations. Colleges and universities are working to manage education at graduation, masters and PhD level. In Pakistan the educational matters are under provincial government. The educational system though not as much developed but still working for the welfare of the people.

The educational boards responsible for awarding the secondary and higher secondary school certificates really do matter a lot in the educational system. In the Punjab there are nine such boards are running. Gujranwala board is one of them.  The board of intermediate and secondary education BISE Gujranwala Board was came into being in 1976 and known as an independent authority of the Gujranwala division. Secondary and higher secondary education come under the supervision of this board for the regions Gujrat, Mandi Baha-ud-Din, Hafizabad, Narowal and Sialkot. At intermediate level the board imparts education in various fields and programs and affiliated institutes and students follow all the rules and regulations. If board finds any institute that is not following the instructions and rules and regulations then it has authority to discard the affiliation of respective institute or students. The areas come under the jurisdiction of the board of intermediate and secondary education BISE Gujranwala are Gujrat, Mandi Baha-ud-Din, Hafizabad, Narowal and Sialkot and students of these regions could get the Gujranwala Board Intermediate Result 2016 on the official page of the board of intermediate and secondary education bahawalpur soon after board's declaration. All the students must stay in touch with the website of the board for more details.

The board of intermediate and secondary education BISE Gujranwala Board is preparing the intermediate part 1 and part 2 result 2016 at this time and expected to be published in August or September. The exact date will be revealed soon by the board’s authorities.

The board of intermediate and secondary education BISE Gujranwala Board Inter Result 2016 will be declared soon for the students. Students can keep themselves updated with the latest announcements of results at the official website of the board of intermediate BISE Bahawalpur.

The expected date for the announcement of result for the intermediate students is not confirmed yet but soon he boards official will issue the exact date and detailed result as well. Once the Gujranwala Board will declare the exact date it will be published at the official page of the board of intermediate and secondary education BISE Gujranwala and students could download the result also on the same page.

BISE Gujranwala Board Inter Result 2016

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Gujranwala commonly recognized as BISE Gujranwala was established in 1983 under the act of 1976. It can be found at Lohienwala Bypas, Gujranwala. It is the responsibility of the board to conduct the exams of Matric and Intermediate educational level every year. As per recent records Matric annual examinations are being held in the month of March and as well as Intermediate examination in the month of April.

BISE Gujranwala Inter Result 2016

There are many educational institutions who are affiliated with Gujranwala board. There are 06 jurisdiction of BISE Gujranwala such as Gujrat, Hafizabad, Narowal, Sialkot, Mandi Bahauddin and as well as Gujranwala itself. A huge amount of people in these areas are taking educational benefits from board. Thousands of students have stepped forward for higher education level after completing secondary and high secondary education in this region. Gujranwala Board Inter (Intermediate) Part 1 Exams result 2016 is be announced by Board officially.

Gujranwala Board Inter Result 2016

As students your BISE Gujranwala Board Inter HSSC Part 1 result 2016 is announced you can get it from our website. For more updates Stay in touch with us on this website to receive all the important news and updates, you can download your result from here without any delay. Our team is working hard to provide you all the information on time. Our best wishes are with all the candidates hope all will succeed with flying colors. Good luck.

We wish all the best to the Inter students for the result. Generally Gujranwala Board declares the result of intermediate in the month of September. The official site of the board will provide all the latest updates of result. The detailed result will be uploaded on the same website as well as the list of top position holders. Stay in touch with boards’ website and download the result instantly.