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PEC 8th Class Result 2017

PEC 5th Class Result 2017

Teachers moved to High Court for Promotion

Teachers moved to High Court for Promotion

The teachers in Punjab have made much stir in the government circles with their protest on mall road in front of Punjab assembly before the holy month. They were assured that government will halt the privatization of schools and after the holy month, a committee would be formed to address the issues.

The teachers still doubt the intentions of government and their reservation became reality, when some days before government announced to handover some public schools to Danish school authority. They have threatened for strong protest after this month. ome teaching circles have also raised their voice for the scale up gradation on which the government is completely silent.

Now! All the teachers who were supposed to get the promotion from grade 17 to grade 18 have knocked the door of Punjab high court and request the chief justice to give directions to education department for the issuance of notification.

The affected SSTs are waiting for their promotion from last three years as they said that their link training for the promotion has been completed and the promotion committee of the education department has also given the approval of their names but till now, there is no progress on the issue. Total 282 teachers have been completed the training and waiting for the promotion to grade 18 after the promotion board’s green signal. They are saying that despite the clear approval of the promotion board and the completion of link up training, the secretary education is not issuing the notification.

They said that it is clearly written in the promotion policy that you have to complete 5 year of service in grade 17 to be selected for promotion to grade 18 but even with the work experience of more than 7 years in grade 17, they have not given the promotion.

The case is strong in favor of teachers and their demand is absolutely right and according to the rules and regulations. It has become the trend in our bureaucracy to delay the matters as possible as they can. In case, the high court gives the ruling in favor of teachers and department has to give them promotion, what will be the credibility of the department? Either they are not serious in their work or they don’t want teachers to be promoted.

The chief minister has to take notice of this slow motion attitude of education officials. Instead, the promotion must be automatically given to teachers after the completion of required work without the approval of secretary schools. On the next hearing, the stance of the education department will determine the future of this matter.

Pakistani youth selected in Queen’s young leaders’ Awards

Pakistani youth selected in Queen’s young leaders’ Awards

Pakistan is a country that never remained behind when it comes to the question for talent. The youth has exhibited its talent and competency many times in the past and continuing doing so.

Same case has been seen again, as two Pakistani youth members, have been selected for Queen’s young leaders’ award. The awards will be given in a ceremony, which shall be held at palace on the days of queen’s 90th birthday.

Muhammad Usman, a 28 years old boy from Punjab is selected on the basis of his thirst to provide education to all. Actually he designed a project “Back to Life Edutainment for Street Children” which he started on social media and successfully inspired 500 youth from all over the country to voluntarily implement the project in four major cities. The second award winner is Zainab bibi, a Pakistani 26 year old female who is selected for her work to use utilized tissue papers for bio diesel.

The participants from all over the commonwealth states applied for the award and after rigorous selection process, these two have been selected among other pool of selectees.

Total 60 young people will be given the awards that are taking the lead in changing the lives and inducing impression on the communities. Usman and Zainab will join other winners from 45 other commonwealth states and will be honored in London for five days.

Muhammad Usman, while taking to a media said that he is super excited for the residential week in look under the queen young leaders programs which according to him, is an important opportunity to learn and share ideas and experience.

Zainab said as the time for the departure is getting closer, her excitement to meet the queen in Buckingham palace is rising and she has no words to express her feelings for the week that will be best of his life.

She also said that she is selected due to her work for the green energy and in her project; she developed bio ethanol from used tissue papers.

The winners for the queen young leader award are from 18 to 29 years of age group and from various common wealth countries. All the participants are working on different social project from climate change to education, gender equality, mental health and disability equality.

Pakistani government should also encourage the youth for such innovative idea and some kind of national award would be an excellent option to strengthen this culture.

These two youth members need to be praised at national level and media should also enlighten their role so that other can get inspiration from them.

QS Ranking and Performance of Pakistan

QS Ranking and Performance of Pakistan

The famous QS ranking has published it new edition of QS raking of Asia division. As far as performances are concerned, some of the public sector universities have lost their ranking while some private institutions have risen in their position. However, we don’t have anything to proud on as there is no Pakistani university in top 100 universities of Asia.

Symonds (QS) published its 2016 Asia ranking and according to it, Pakistan leading university is Lahore university of management sciences with Asia ranking of 111th. In this edition of ranking, it moves ahead from four Pakistani university that were ahead of it in last edition.

The ranking has been expanded this year to include the 350 best universities for the Asian region.

The National University of Singapore bagged the first position in the ranking.

The rise of LUMS is due to the improvement is seven out of 9 metrics used by the QS in their rankings while the national university of science and technology is the second leading institution of the country with 112th position in Asian region. NUST rose 7 points as compared to last ranking.

The Quaid e Azam University has fallen from 116th position to 149th which is a major setback for the country and for the university and all the reason have to be analyzed for this set back.

Last time, the Pakistan institutes of engineering and applied science was the country’s leading institution in the ranking which now has been gone down to 149th position from 116th one.

The Agha Khan University also lost its credibility when it comes to the ranking and falls from 117th position to 183rd.

The University of Karachi has taken a rise from the band of 251-300 to the 201-210.

Total 10 Pakistani universities took place in the 350 best institutions ranking of Asia.

Apart from National university of Singapore, the other the top positions have been given the University of Hong Kong which is 2nd while the third one  is Nanyang technological university.

However, South Korea amazed the world with its 6 institutes in top 20. 17 nations have at least one spot on the ranking while the QS analyzed 517 institutes from Asia for the ranking.

In this edition of ranking, the QS also took into account the PHD staff in the analyses of teaching quality of university.

Although most the methodology is same as of QS world ranking, however, for Asia some additional parameters have been used.

The criterion was set by taking into account the consultation with regional education experts. QS is issuing the Asian ranking since 2009 regularly.

Literacy rate of country and KP Performance

Literacy rate of country and KP Performance

The country has seen the rise of 2 % in literacy rate while in the KPK; the literacy has declined instead of betterment.  The figures from the economic survey of Pakistan show that in whole country, the literacy rose by 2 % while amazingly, this did not happen in case of KPK. The rise has been seen due to the increase in women literacy rate while the male literacy remained the same. In KP during the 2013-14, the literacy rate was 72 % which is declined by 1 % to subsequent year and went to 71 %.

According to the latest Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement (PSLM) Survey 2015- the literacy for the population of the age group of 10 years and above is 60 % which is 2 % more as compared to 58 %in 2014. However, the survey also says that in the last year, the literacy rate for male was 70 % and for the female, it was just 49 %. This results in the 21 % gap in the male and female literacy.

In the urban areas, the literacy rate is 76 % while in the rural part it is 51 %. If we talk about province wise data then Punjab leads the figures with 63 % literacy. After which the second position is of Sindh with 60 %, KPK stood third with 53 % literacy and Baluchistan is as usual on the last spot with 44 % literacy rate.Some interesting facts have also been seen in the data, as the Sindh has seen 3 % increment in male literacy rate while KPK faced 1 % decline in the category.

The Punjab’s rural male literacy rate was 65 % in 2013-14 which remained same in 2014-15. However, the rise is female literacy rate is witnessed as in 2013-14, it was 43 % and now it is 45 %. The male literacy rate for Punjab’s urban areas ramained the same 82 % and the female literacy rate also rose to 72 % from 71 %.

Sindh has taken the lead this time by showing the increase in both male and female literacy in rural and urban areas. Baluchistan has gained the 2 % rise in male literacy rate but on female literacy it did not see any positive change. The literacy gap between urban and rural areas is also 20 % in Baluchistan. The government must consider these figures to shape the policies. The areas where significant changes have not been seen, have to be given priority this year for funding and infrastructure.

Punjab Government Adult Literacy Campaign

Punjab Government Adult Literacy Campaign

Under the directions of the government of the Punjab, the literacy department has taken the initiative to conduct the classes for grown up students. In 200 schools of the city, classes will start. Under the project, the literacy department in collaboration with the education department of Rawalpindi has given the right to individual person/organization to conduct classes in primary schools during evening throughout Rawalpindi district.

The applications have already been invited for classes specifically for grownups and after the holy months, the regular classes will be opened for grown up students. Under the initiative, the uniform, books and other required stationary would be provided by the government departments.However, the need of these kinds of initiative is the need of time in this era of illiteracy in Pakistan but the success of these types of initiatives has seldom achieved in the past. A large amount of money has been wasted for such ideas. According to an estimate billion of rupees are just wasted into irregularities under these adult literacy programs.

Some academicians have talked with media on this initiative and they were in the view that these resources should be used in the public sector schools to raise the standard of education and for fulfilling the demand of basic facilities. They also alleged that some of the elements of the literacy department want to get money in the name of adult education.

In reality, the truth of the matter is, we have never seen achievements of any such programs, the literacy rate in term of children has not achieved till yet and now the department is trying to attract the adult illiterates.  Thousands of schools are imparting education without the proper teachdfx as per number and students are studying without roof and clean water facility. This is just the waste of money. The government in the first step should take the out of children in schools after which these kinds of adult programs will be seen meaningful.

The teachers of the Punjab are protesting for their pay scale and promotion and instead of facilitating them, the officials are making numbers with these programs.According to a latest survey, six million children are out of schools and present school facilities have not enough space to compensate these out of school children. The adult illiterate members can be given the vocational training, which they can learn much easier and fast. The second shift in schools must be designated to children working on different shops and factories.