PEC Result 2018 5th 8th Class Punjab Examination Commission

This year the date sheet 2018 of grade eight was issued by PEC in first week of January and the papers were conducted from 15th February to 24th February. The board has issued several important instructions on the date sheet to make it clear to all the students that what is allowed and what is not allowed in exams such as. Students has to reach at the examination centre at least 30 minutes before the paper begin. It is compulsory for the students to bring the roll number slips with them during all papers and get signature of invigilator on it on each paper. Students are prohibited to write their roll number at any other place except the specified one and they are also not allowed to mention their school name on the paper. Calculator and mobile phones are not allowed in the examination hall. School uniform are not allowed during exams and candidate will have to come in formal dress. It is compulsory for the students to pass in written and spoken exams of Islamiyat. Whereas the papers of grade 5 were conducted between 2nd Frbruary to 14th February.

Punjab Examination Commission

PEC is most commonly known as Punjab Examination Commission. It started working in 2005 and took the examination of class five students in Punjab province for the first time in 2006. It is an autonomous body and is supervised by Government of Punjab. The main objective of this educational body is to assess the learning achievements of elementary students. Now it is working as a statutory body under Act XI of 2010 Punjab Examination Commission. Every year PEC develops the examination questions and print them and then sends it to the 36 districts of Punjab. The districts administrators then takes the tests and PEC then prepares the results of each district of Punjab. Each year a large number of students appear in PEC examination from both private and public sector schools.

Except this Punjab Education Commission creates reports which helps the researchers, teachers and teachers educators to make improvements in students learning. A large date of students is collected from all the 36 districts of Punjab, which helps in making new educational policies and managing teachers & educational managers to make improvements in grade 5 and 8 class students learning. This commission is comprises of 18 members out of which three are MPAs, two are educationists and two persons are selected from private schools which are nominated by Government of Punjab. PEC performs a lot of tasks, which are organized in a strategic manner that starts with the registration process of students for the annual examination and ends at creating analytical reports of exams district wise.


The process of registration usually starts in the month of November. PEC itself does not register any student and the registration in done by respective examination cluster center ECC - Govt. Secondary/Higher Secondary School. It is totally free to get registered for the PEC annual examination, and the candidates can registered through the admission forms which are available at ECC and education office in each district. Students can also download the form from official website of PEC. All 36 districts register their students online by using PEC Online Student Registration Software.

Roll Number Slips

Before issuing the final fully finalized roll number slips to the districts, PEC sends the data to all the districts and after complete verification of data PEC issues the roll number slips to all the Government and private schools situated in respective districts. Generally the roll no slips are dispatched in the month of January.


It is the duty of the EDO (Executive District Office) to administer the tests. They choose the supervisory staff, examiners and head examiners to monitor and control the process of scoring and allocate the examination centers of nearby students and schools. The examination center at tehsil level is also selected by the district. Usually the examination of 5th and 8th class are conducted in the first and 2nd week of February.


After checking the papers the marks sheets of all the subjects of students are delivered to Punjab Examination Commission. These marks sheets are constituted of two parts, one multiple choice questions which are solved by students and second open ended questions which are marked by examiners. Punjab education commission completes the result gazettes in 6 weeks and earch result card of students shows the total marks obtained by student. Then PEC sends these result gazettes to the districts and each district announces the grade V and VIII results on 31st March. Students can check their results online by name, roll number, district wise and by school name. The errors in the name of student, date of birth and result can be corrected from the district education offices.

Pakistani youth selected in Queen’s young leaders’ Awards

Pakistani youth selected in Queen’s young leaders’ Awards

Pakistan is a country that never remained behind when it comes to the question for talent. The youth has exhibited its talent and competency many times in the past and continuing doing so.

Same case has been seen again, as two Pakistani youth members, have been selected for Queen’s young leaders’ award. The awards will be given in a ceremony, which shall be held at palace on the days of queen’s 90th birthday.

Muhammad Usman, a 28 years old boy from Punjab is selected on the basis of his thirst to provide education to all. Actually he designed a project “Back to Life Edutainment for Street Children” which he started on social media and successfully inspired 500 youth from all over the country to voluntarily implement the project in four major cities. The second award winner is Zainab bibi, a Pakistani 26 year old female who is selected for her work to use utilized tissue papers for bio diesel.

The participants from all over the commonwealth states applied for the award and after rigorous selection process, these two have been selected among other pool of selectees.

Total 60 young people will be given the awards that are taking the lead in changing the lives and inducing impression on the communities. Usman and Zainab will join other winners from 45 other commonwealth states and will be honored in London for five days.

Muhammad Usman, while taking to a media said that he is super excited for the residential week in look under the queen young leaders programs which according to him, is an important opportunity to learn and share ideas and experience.

Zainab said as the time for the departure is getting closer, her excitement to meet the queen in Buckingham palace is rising and she has no words to express her feelings for the week that will be best of his life.

She also said that she is selected due to her work for the green energy and in her project; she developed bio ethanol from used tissue papers.

The winners for the queen young leader award are from 18 to 29 years of age group and from various common wealth countries. All the participants are working on different social project from climate change to education, gender equality, mental health and disability equality.

Pakistani government should also encourage the youth for such innovative idea and some kind of national award would be an excellent option to strengthen this culture.

These two youth members need to be praised at national level and media should also enlighten their role so that other can get inspiration from them.
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Women Digital League to work in Pakistan with Facebook

Women Digital League to work in Pakistan with Facebook

For the training purposes of Ladies in Pakistan, Facebook, the biggest social media site has agreed to collaborate with Women’s Digital League WDL to work in Pakistan which will be advocating and having programs for ladies. The vision of the said collaboration is to empower the women who are locally establishing the business in the nation for women and empowering more than 50 percent population of the nation in some way.

For all those who are not aware of what Women Digital League is, let us tell you briefly about it. It is a social endeavor which is being managed by the Pakistani ladies and the firm is looking forward to make changes in the field of work and education for Pakistani ladies. The said purpose will be achieved through a number of training which will be conducted by the league.

There is also one thing to be considered that this is not the first time the tech giant has worked in Pakistan for any social enterprise. Punjab Information Technology Board is also in such an agreement with Facebook. The board has collaborated with the Facebook back in October 2016 on the project named “She Means Business” and the module encouraged the women to work away from the home and web based work opportunities were created. The program was a big hit and had developed more than 50000 ladies in one year to be able to work from home and have their own web based working system which will help them earning some handsome amount for them which normally is not possible for them as they are not allowed to work outside in corporate sector due to certain reasons.

Same is what WDL is aiming and they are looking forward to create more than ever opportunities for women in Pakistan. The world is running online and all the sale purchase is being carried out online which gives an opportunity to sale their items to a large number of market. One can ship anything from any part of the world to the other part of the world in certain amount of time which makes the whole world your market.

Same is what WDL is expecting to achieve through this program in which women will be trained to increase their presence online and how they can grab the customer online on different social media website like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. Through trainings, women will be given tutorials how they can present their items in a better way which will bring the customer to them. They will be able to advertise their items in the major cities like Lahore and Karachi and then will be able to take their market to the smaller regions of the countries.

Maria Umer, who’s is the founder of WDL said that the firm is working to enabling the digital presence and livelihood for women in Pakistan for nine years now and now Facebook has partnered with us which is geared towards the women empowerment and building them to run a business in effective ways. This surely is a great opportunity for the ladies to grab.
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The problems of our education system

The problems of our education syste

An educational system contain all the institutions that provide prescribed education, it includes all government, private, profit and social welfare organization, and their rules and regulations, staff, administration, students, instructors and funds. If a country want to lead the world communally and efficiently, it must have a powerful system of education. Effective education system leads to the growth of a country. Unfortunately Pakistan is one of those few countries where the quality of educational is continuously declining. This situation is getting worse as the years passing, and the current situation is so bad that our educational system is very close to destruction. Due to the poor system of education, our country can’t attain its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of education. The goals are achieving Universal Primary Education, gender equality and empowering women.

 Our students face so many problems throughout their educational course that we might consider them as most unguided students in the world. The lack of interest of parents and deficiency of professionalism in teachers is the reason that both unable to lead the students. The deficiency of guidance is very serious crisis that our students are facing. In our country inexperienced teachers teach children in early classes and can’t provoke interest of education. In this way the idea of early education comes to failure. The capabilities of students are affected by the lack of supervision and high expectations by their families.

A very serious dilemma of our educational system is that in any institution, a student is not judged by its own capabilities but on the ground of societal status. As a result, the students with poor economic or social background are discouraged. On the other side, our examination system does not assess the students on the base of their intellectual skills but focus on the rote remembrance test. These situations are all result of not applying the up to date evaluation system. Due to the ignorance of staff and school administration, the students of very initial classes get indulge in very unhealthy activities like cigarette smoking and bullying other children.

Here it is to mention that it is a fact, if we want our students to give excellent results, first we have to improve our system of education. The improvement of educational system should be started both on institutional level, where experienced and active staff and teachers should be hired, and on governmental level, where better policies should be made and applying them on institutions.

Training organizations and workshops are highly needed for teachers and parents so they may better guide the students. The career counseling should also be promoted. These are the basic ways to train teachers and make parents aware of the performances of their children and also build up a relation between students, parents and teachers. In this way the teachers and parents better understand the uprising problems of students and then able to overcome them. Communication gap between teachers, students and parents would be narrowed and the problems of students will be avoided.
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National Internship Program inaugurated

National Internship Program inaugurated

Internship is one of the finest ways for a student to get a chance to taste about how their degrees and fields of studies work in a professional world and what they are expected to bring in the corporate world once they are done with their degrees. In Pakistan education system, the internship is one of the prerequisites of any professional degree and any student who fails to have an internship is not rewarded the degree.

There is a minimum of 4 to six weeks of internship that is required for a student to perform in his field related jobs. Engineering students are placed as an interns in their field related industries, those who are pursuing education as their careers carried out internship in schools and colleges similarly bank offers the internship to commerce and finance majors degree pursuers.

There is also a problem associated with the internship is that the number of the students are way higher than the internships which are offered by the firms. Many students who have their references in the firms are inducted on internship through the employee referral system and those who do not have any reference are often left behind.

Keeping this issue in mind, the government of Pakistan has recently launched National Internship Program where the students are placed in the public and private sector of firms for internship but obviously the proves is vigorous and through proper screening the students are given the opportunity of internship in their respective fields.

This year, the National Internship Program normally known as NIP has been inaugurated by intaking 60 students as interns in the Upper House of Parliament in Islamabad. The inauguration ceremony of the interns was held at the Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services PIPS in Islamabad on Tuesday.

Zafarulah Khan who is the Executive Director of PIPS said during his opening speech to the interns that the selected candidates are gone through the testing system by the education department of the nation where there is no subject of Parliamentary or constitutional history of Pakistan. This internship will give them a taste of how the parliament actually works.

He mentioned that in the modern world and their parliaments, they have developed a certain research procedures and hire the support staff for legislators but unfortunately Pakistan is far behind in developing these kind of practices. He mentioned that the parliament members are mostly busy and overworked due to the fact that they have to schedule meetings for them by themselves in a very short timing.
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PhDs protest against HEC for having no job opportunities

PhDs protest against HEC for having no job opportunities

Doctorate is said to be the highest ranked degree anyone can achieve and an academic PhD is the most reputed education one can have but in the education system of countries like Pakistan, even the doctorate holders are suffering to have better job opportunities. To highlight the sufferings PhD holders have to face after degree in Pakistan which are due to the policies of Higher Education Commission, young doctors of academia held a protest against HEC In the higher commission today at Islamabad.

PDA is the PhD doctors association of Pakistan and the protest was launched by the organization for the employment of young PhD degree holders. They are looking forward to have a permanent position in the academic institutes. Earlier the deadline was given out by the PDA organization that their demands should be met by July 20, 2017 and if not met then there will be peaceful protest against the HEC policies in front of Parliament house Islamabad for the government to take notice about the most educated elite of the nation.

In the protest, there were representatives from Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academics Staff Association and civil society who think that young doctors are right in their protest and that their demands must be met because it takes lot of effort to earn a doctorate degree. The representative of PDA in the protest said that there are more than 400 young PhD holders which are struggling hard to find a suitable placement in the Pakistani Universities however they have spent a lot of time and effort in achieving the doctorate degree.

They mentioned that as per policy of the higher education commission, the students who has carried out the degree of PhD on the scholarship awarded by HEC must have to work in Pakistan for 5 years after completion of the degree and the students are willing to work in the country but there is not certain job placement. HEC has to place the doctors in the universities where they can spend their 5 years which was the original bondage but what really happening is that the degree holders are placed interim in the filed for one year by HEC and then the candidates have to find work on their own which is causing a difficulty in the job placement.
They also mentioned that the issue is under notice of the higher management of the commission but despite various demands and notices, no concrete step has been taken by the officials and also no chance is being seen of them taking some solid step in this regard. They mentioned that the commission is spending billions of rupees in awarding the scholarship which is right but some amount must also be spent in the area where there should be placement centers and the candidates get placed properly in suitable and field related job.

Candidates are wanting to have a policy where HEC must advise the universities to hire the PhD students on vacant posts and have a proper placement center should be developed.
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